31 Dec 2008

RZA's custom WU drum machine!

Now this is one serious piece of kit, the Guitar Center has teamed up with the Wu-Tang Clan's superstar rapper/producer RZA to create eight Forat Custom MV8800s. The limited edition drum machine/production studio features original artwork by electronic pioneer Bruce Forat. They go on sale on February 28th 2008 and will set you back $5999.00. The good news is that each purchaser will also get the opportunity to attend a private tutorial session with the RZA himself. Who's in?.............you want one!?....well look this was originally posted in jan 2008, they went on sale in feb...so if you really DO want one....good luck!!...hahaha, ...but wow wot a serious piece of kit to have in your collection...shweeeeeeeeeeeet!

CLASSIC Roland press ad!

This is how drum machines used to be advertised many years back, nowadays you actually don't see that many ads for drum machines, but these were awesome machines and come on they've got wood! so that can't be bad can it! enjoy! this CR 68 & TR 66 press advert!

TOP 10 drum machines of all time...what do you think...?

This is a post from The Chip Collection originally posted a couple of years back now and it certainly isn't the same as the list I would personally make...but hey its an interesting read all the same! original posted HERE!

30 Dec 2008

BOSS DR55 vintage Dr Rhythm analog...for sale!

Vintage pedal brand new in the box with matching foot switch is a 1980 Boss DR-55 Dr. Rhythm drum machine. The Boss DR-55 Dr. Rhythm Drum machine is the first step-write-style drum machine to be released in 1980. Never been used, includes all original Owner's Manual, Sample Rhythm guide, guide sticker and 2 boss logo stickers. Original foot switch also included in original box. We get great shipping rates so please disregard regard the automatic ebay shipping rates if they seem high. We ship worldwide! go take a bid HERE!

GREAT Free Mac App Drumatix 606 2.5...!

Drumatix DX232 (606) is a software drum machine and bassline sequencer for the Mac, using Roland TR 606, 909, 808, 707, LinnDrum and Amen Brother samples. You can make your own drum tracks for use in any production you want! You make beats like you would with an original Roland TR606 or 808 and then save or load them for later use.
If you're stuck for ideas, then just check out the song packs! We've given you five groovy patterns to get you started and your imagination flowing, and if you want to get the closest you can to the real thing, then you can use your normal keyboard! You can hide your screen if you want and operate Drumatix with just the keyboard

Download it HERE!

VERMONA advert...!

The Vermona DRM1 MKIII. It's one of the very few analog drum machines being manufactured new today. It sounds similar to a vintage analog machine, somewhere in-between a Roland TR-CR78 and TR-808. The tuning pots for each sound allow it to reach a wide range of sound. The new MKIII version does away with the Distortion Effect and replaces it with a Waveshaper. It does not sound like a 909 or Jomox. Take a listen: Vermona DRM.mp3

After the fall of the wall, the inventors from the GDR-label for electronic instruments, Vermona, founded a new company named HDB audio. Based in the east German Vogtland near the Czech border, they have been recognized throughout the years for their OEM, quality, production for well known brands of tube amplifiers, mixers, splitters and other gear. During the past ten years they have been financing their love of electronic instruments by working for these other manufacturers who respect their quality and on-time work. It wasn't until the year 2000 that the founders could buy their label back from investors. Now they are in full throttle with HDB for pro audio and Vermona for pro synth and effects. (The stuff they truly desire to create!) - www.schneidersbuero.de

Each sound has an individual output and there is a stereo out and headphone jack. For a little extra money you can get it with silver knobs, blue LEDs and wood side panels. There's not too much more to say other than this thing sounds really nice! In a recent trip to Schneider's Buro in Berlin I picked up the advertisement for the DRM (MKII version).

Here's a youtube clip if you aint heard this little beastie in action...oh yeh!!....ROCK ON!!

29 Dec 2008

CLASSIC Korg press advert!

A classic press advert for the Korg KR 55B Rhythmer....oooo they don't make em like this anymore....top top top!
and here's a clip for this decentn little beatbox!

KIKAXXE software synth & drum machine from WayOutWare....!

The KikAXXE is a virtual synthesizer, drum machine and analog sequencer. It's great fun. After you watch this video be sure to try the fully working 30 day demo from www.wayoutware.com. For more videos, tutorials and pro-audio articles visit www.wiretotheear.com.

BEATeD simple drum machine for S60 mobiles...!

1..2..3..4! BeatEd is a simple drum machine application for Symbian S60 3rd edition mobile phones by Saku Tiainen,
Description and Features
BeatEd is a simple drum machine application for Symbian S60 mobile phones. It was originally developed in couple of nights to get a drum machine and metronome application for personal guitar playing purposes. After getting a lot of new ideas and positive feedback, I decided to improve it a bit and make a decent public release of it. So here it is, have fun!
Feature highlights:
- Easy to use beat editor, even easier beat player.
- Change tempo and volume while playing.
- Edit beat on-the-fly while playing.
- 16 bit 16 channel audio mixer.
- Extremely accurate beat timing (1-999 BPM).
- Real-time VU meters.
- 16 different drum tracks.
- Supports S60 v3.x mobile phones.
- Adjusts to different screen layouts.
- Random volume variance.
- and much more..
Supported devices:
- All S60 3rd edition devices
Here's a youtube clip to wet yer appetite! nice!

Download it from HERE!
Originally posted HERE!

28 Dec 2008

FREE Hydrogen software for your Mac!

Hydrogen is an advanced drum machine. It's main goal is to bring professional yet simple and intuitive pattern-based drum programming., check it out HERE!

VINTAGE Yamaha RX11...for sale!

One of the first drum machines Yamaha released which was 8 bit and sample based, It is quite primitive by today's standards but has some great lofi drum sounds which are still popular today, It is in full working order and in average cosmetic condition.
Yamaha RX-11 Drum machine Specifications

Type: Drum-machine/
Synthesis Type: 8-bit PCM with 192 kB MB of ROM
Controllers :
Drum Section :
Number of Drum Kits : 1
Number of Drum sounds : 29
Keyboard :
Number of Keys : 16 pads
Can send on simultaneous MIDI channels
Responds to :
Sounds can be split by :
Inputs and Outputs :
Number of Audio Outs (excluding Phones) : 12, L&R
Number of Audio Ins :
Number of MIDI Outs (excluding Thru) : 1 (no thru)
Number of MIDI Ins : 1
go take a bid HERE!

ZOOM gfx5 guitar effects incl. built in drum machine..for sale!

The Zoom gfx-5, multi guitar effects, includes drum machine, expression pedal. metal chassis, all effects in one unit, mint condition with operating manual. Tel: 07005 970 142, £125 for more info go HERE!

27 Dec 2008

NORTEC cwejman modular synth & TR909!

Nortec cwejman modular synth & tr909 from Live at mutek.mx CD, this is a bassline extracted from latinsizer track "Centro*"(from "Latinsizer Live at MUTEK.mx" CD 2005 ), i just remake that bass using one Cwejman Oscillator,one ADSR, and filter, the secuence was made with Doepfer MAQ-16 in sync with TR-909 distorted with Sonic Aleniator, cheers, pepe mogt / latinsizer / nortec collective

*Centro (only available in "Latinsizer Live at MUTEK .mx" CD 2005 )

The TR-909 is an awesome analog drum machine! THE standard House and Techno beatbox. Sounds include kick, snare, hand clap, open and closed hi hats, low mid and hi toms, rim shot, ride and crash cymbals. Sounds are tweakable - attack, tone, tuning, decay, snap and accent. This machine does not sound like true acoustic drums, and we don't want it to. It has a unique and very loveable analog sound that's all its own!

Extremely popular today, especially for dance, it is used by 808 State, Air, Bushflange, Future Sound of London, Moby, Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim), Orbital, Hardfloor, Uberzone, Underworld, The Prodigy, Faithless, ATB, Eat Static, Jimmy Edgar, Sense Datum, Richie Hawtin, A Guy Called Gerald, Astral Projection, Josh Wink, Freddy Fresh, Jean-Michel Jarre, Luke Vibert, Latinsizer, the Chemical Brothers, and many more! It is armed with Roland's DIN Sync and MIDI, individual outputs, external memory cartridges, and an essential shuffle & flam for great grooves. Use it as a sound module or program patterns, songs and beats into it...either way you'll be in analog drum heaven with the 909!
909 text from http://www.vintagesynth.com/ cwejman vco-2rm
The Cwejman VCO-2RM has two independent full featured VCOs and a ring modulator. It has internal connections for sync and linear frequency cross modulation, and are also pre patched to the ring modulator. All these connections go through normalized jacks, so external signals can also be used. They deliver square and pulse waves, triangle, sine and four variants of ramp wave, each adding more over tones with a more nasal timbre. The VCOs can be switched to LFO mode and has both normal and inverted output.

They have a classic warm and fat VCO sound, not as harsh as the Doepfer, and not so muddy as the Analogue Systems.

It sounds so good that I don't automatically want to put them through in a filter to shape it. The PWM sound is extremely beefy. I can't guarantee the CV tracking all to the very top, but it sweeps from LFO to beyond the hearing level to somewhere around 22 KHZ. Even at high modulation levels, it does not go into distortion, and keeping its warmth. That makes it a very good tool for FM sounds. The ring modulator is also a high quality unit. It sounds good, and accepts both AC and DC, making it useful as a VCA unit if needed.

On the downside, there are mainly two things. First, the waveform is determinate by a knob. I would have preferred to have them in separate outputs. The second is the lack of an octave switch, review from electro-music.com

ROLAND TR909 Synth in your browser!

TR909 using soundmanager2, prototype .. it works but timing is bullshit...!


A crash course in programming a Roland TR-909 drum machine. Quite a catchy dance beat being produced in just a few minutes!

26 Dec 2008

WHITE Christmas...drum machine & piano!

A drum-machine-laden rendition of the holiday classic. apparently he's just got through decorating the tree you see in the background. Enjoy!...mmmm....lovlee!!

MULTIVOX FR-3....a clone!?

Apparently Multivox has nothing at all to do with Korg, Univox sold Korg made gear, Multivox sold what are often clones of Roland products, or in this case Acetone built by Hillwood, this info was originally posted on our fave BLOG EVER! the mighty www.matrixsynth.com

LINNDRUM vintage by Roger Linn...altered!

Here's a beautiful LM-2 Linndrum we just put up for sale. Thoroughly testing what we sell is a big part of our preparation process. And sometimes it's actually fun! :) NOTE: the Linn here is being used in conjunction with another secret piece of gear - a Linndrum alone will not sound like this. We hope you enjoy the clip. We may take some ARP 2500 and Linn LM-1 clips soon, if we can find the time.

25 Dec 2008

HEY! its a Lego drummer!

O ok come on I know I'm taking the piss putting this one up, but its christmas damb you....ave a laugh!

THE LinnDrum II Rethinking a classic beatbox!

Roger Linn (the inventor of the programmable digital drum machine) and Dave Smith (creator of the Prophet 5 polyphonic synthesizer) have teamed up to introduce the LinnDrum II, 26 years after the original revolutionized the music industry.
Roger Linn unleashed the LM-1, the first programmable drum machine that played digital samples, in 1980. It cost $4,995 and allowed well-heeled electronic musicians to make all manner of percussion sounds without requiring the assistance of a real, live drummer. The LM-1 was upgraded to become the LinnDrum in 1982, with 15 acoustic samples (the sounds for the early Linn machines were captured at a sampling session featuring session drummer Art Wood). Linn machines are famed for their shuffle feel and plethora of individual voice outputs to make studio work easier. Thousands were produced before falling victim to low cost Japanese rhythm machines. Linn himself moved on to create the revolutionary AKAI MPC series.
The LinnDrum II will be sold in two different configurations. The basic 'LinnDrum II' will be a digital drum machine. The 'LinnDrum II Analog' will add four voices of Dave Smith's Curtis-chip based analog synth circuitry inside the box, which promises to be a deadly combination. The machine offers 16MB of internal sound memory and there's a compact flash slot on the back panel for adding more sounds. Fans of Roger Linn's later Akai samplers will be pleased to know that the new machine features velocity and pressure-sensitive pads and both MPC-realtime and XOX-box style step programming.
Dave Smith's site reports "Inputs and outputs include four audio outs, two sampling/audio processing/drum trigger inputs, phones, USB, MIDI in/out, two expression pedal/foot switch inputs, and four additional direct voice outputs for the Analog model."
I can't wait. This looks like a must-have machine for well heeled electronic musicians everywhere. It's scheduled for a mid 2008 release.

GROOVE Drum Machine DT-010...freeware!

Freeware Drum Machine that features 8 channels of drums with effects,
Tested On VISTA, This incredibly fun and useful piece of softaware allows you and your students to explore rhythms, timings and grooves and render them to .wav format. This drum station is as funcitonal as any drum machine produced in the late 90's and earl 00's. The recording function makes this particularly useful as you will be able to import this into other software and use in compositions, download this software HERE!

24 Dec 2008

RUSS on the Rolands!

Russ from Electric Contradiction on the Rolands, 808 & some...nice collection and very nice groove, top work!!


File under weird...but kinda funny & very cooooool, here's some info about it from the maker...rock on!, I just finished this Thing-a-ma-kit, and after a short period of it not working and some debugging, here is my first experience with it. It's built into an old printer sharing box that's about 15 years old.

SYNTHESIZE a Deep Kick in Ableton Live!

Another Tool for the Box, playing power chords in a kick drum, a simple method to play a perfect 5th or power chord in a kick drum demonstrated with Operator in Ableton Live 7....

23 Dec 2008

TR505 Rythm Composer...for sale!

Great classic 80's Roland drum machine going...going...going....on ebay! these usually go as cheap as chips and they are actually very usuable in a kinda cheesy lofi way.....go on you know you want it!!..........go take a bid HERE!

METRONOME drum machine....free download!

Demonstration film for a free drum machine and metronome, good for guitar players and in fact any musician, apparently!...look this really aint rocket science, very simple & straightforward...but hey if thats what you're lookin for, you can't really go wrong can you...ITS FREE!? to get this piece of software go HERE!


To be honest it aint really a drum machine, altho the person who uploaded it says it is!!....anyways I've called it Percussive machine which I reckon is more accurate!!..very clever....nice tune!?....erm....well thats up to you really!

22 Dec 2008

THANK you for the drum machine, awesome art!

What a great name for a band, here's more info about THANK YOU FOR THE DRUM MACHINE, AirDrop Records has just orchestrated its first release! We are big fans of the Italian indie rock band, Thank You For The Drum Machine. Their music is very upbeat and has clear electronic influences. The EP that goes by the band's name is their first and is sure not to be their last. They are very in demand in Italy where they are currently touring and are eager to travel the world pleasuring our ears. Here is a song off their album, already available on the iTunes Store, as well as on Amazon, Myspace and Amiestreet. CD's and Special Vinyl Edition to follow shortly....check em out HERE!

TR808 the human machine!

16 seats/16 beats, a man moves on those beats, one position = one sound, 3 sounds = 3positions, the position is as it would be on a real sequence or rythm machine...hhahaha....NICE!!

JS909 Javascript Drum Machine!

JS-909 - Javascript Drum Machine from Michael Mahemoff on Vimeo.
A brilliant drum machine with all sound and graphics implemented in pure HTML/Javascript/CSS....nice!

21 Dec 2008

JMJ Oxygene gear film!

Jean Michel Jarre Oxygen Excurtion from RJ-OFF on Vimeo.
Totally brilliant Jean Michel Jarre clip showing a number of the instruments used on the classic album Oxygene and in his latest live shows celebrating the re release of this awesome album, this film is also available on the DVD special edition of the new album, this is a must buy...there are a number of drum machines here and there, see if you can spot em....altho sadly not mentioned in JMJ's commentary!....great film!!

TR-808 Vintage Analog...for sale!

Features: 12 voices
Kick, Snare, Low/Mid/Hi Toms, Low/Mid/Hi Congas, Rimshot, Claves, Hand clap, Maracas, Cow bell, Cymbal, Open hihat, Closed hihat, Accent
Patterns – 64
Songs – 12
The TR-808 is a classic drum machine that used analog synthesis to create its sounds. The sounds have a very thin and pure quality and aren't grungy like it's successor the TR-909. In fact, the 808 has become the signature beatbox used in most R&B and hip-hop as well as a lot of dance and techno music. Booming bass kicks, crispy snares and that annoying cowbell sound made famous during the 80's are all part of the 808 and its famous sound.

Its 16 drum sounds include the famous boomy low kick, snappy snares, low/mid/hi toms, low/mid/hi congas, rimshot, claves, hand clap, maracas, cowbell, cymbal, open hihat, closed hihat and accent. All of the sounds can be edited and/or tuned and have individual outputs. Unfortunately it is not MIDI equipped but it does use Roland's DIN Sync.

The TR-808 was OK in its time. It just didn't sound like real drums. When the Linn Drum machines appeared, the 808 seemed doomed. But its unique sound and analog allure have found it a long-lasting home in many forms of music. Clearly the 808 has been one of the more important and famous drum machines in the history of music, spawning imitators (ReBirth, DrumStation) and band names (808 State). Famous users include Orbital, Uberzone, Download, Aphex Twin, 808 State, BT, Bomb The Bass, Sense Datum, The Prodigy, Josh Wink, Faithless, Skinny Puppy, Bushflange, Jimi Tenor, A Guy Called Gerald, Eat Static, Dr. Dre, Jimmy Edgar, Freddy Fresh, Richie Hawtin, Jean Michel Jarre, Cocteau Twins, Marvin Gaye, Luke Vibert, Ice Cube, Puff Daddy and more!
wow.......wow..........& triple wow!!.......if you want it make a bid..you just never know, bid HERE!

MACHINE drum and tb 303!

A very neat little film shwoning the awesome Machine Drum, tr303 and some tr909 as well........shweeeeet!

20 Dec 2008

NIN Echoplex Live Rehearsal July 2008!

NIN: Echoplex - Live at Rehearsals, July 2008 from Nine Inch Nails on Vimeo.
An awesome Live rehearsal performance from the mighty NIN 'Echoplex' in Los Angeles July 2008, drummer Josh Freese uses very neat touch screen drum machine/computer to create the intro/basebeat of this awesome track!!....brilliant stuff!

Sequential Circuits Drumtraks 400 Vintage...for sale!

This listing is for a Sequential Circuits Drumtraks 400 vintage drum macine. The unit is 100% functional and aside from some minor dings on the corners it is in excellent cosmetic shape as well. purchased the unit from the original owner where he kept it in his home studio. WILL SHIP WORLDWIDE FOR A FLAT RATE OF $80 EXPRESS MAIL WITH INSURANCE INCLUDED. A serious monster of a machine...come on who wouldn't want this little beast!! go make a bid HERE!

Hypermodern Drum Machine Turntable!?

How to make a semi-accurate drum machine with a turntable, a webcam, EyeCon, and some buttons!...hahaha...this is a good one!!, weird but bloody good all the same!!

19 Dec 2008

CIRCUIT Bent Nintendo NES Synth Drums cart...for sale!

This is a genuine cartridge for use in the old original or new clone NES systems. Create true 8 bit percussion synth from the real Nintendo NES using the controllers.

*Please Note: * In the true spirit of circuit bending I am recycling 20 year old carts, cleaning them and then installing my own chip with my program on it. Some of the cart shells may look old but are guaranteed to be clean and work exactly as described and as seen in the video.

These carts are not for "NES cartridge collectors" who are seeking only an aesthetic value. These carts are for musicians who are into chip music, lo-fi electronic music, circuit bent music, etc.

They are guaranteed to be clean and to work exactly as seen in the demo video or your money back.

*If your cart should ever stop working or becomes faulty I will repair or replace it at no extra cost to you.
*If you find you don't like the cart for any reason after receiving it, just return for full refund.

If you are a musician who is into chip music, circuit bending, Lo-Fi, electronic, etc. then this is for you.

You can use the original NES gamepad controllers, as well as the new 3rd party controllers made for NES, or the Yobo and Generation Nex clones.

Each button on controller #1 produces a different 8 bit percussion sound. It's like having an 8 piece synth drum kit that you play with the NES controller.

Controller #1 produces percussion sounds when each button is pressed, controller #2 creates a pulsing/loop effect which can be applied to any of the percussion sounds produced by controller #1.

Just pop in the cart and plug into an amp using an RCA to 1/4" audio jack adapter, or just plug right into your TV's RCA audio input for sound.

*Please not the cartridge is actually gray. I am using recycled original cartridge cases.

Here is a video which demonstrates the sounds of the Super Synth Drums cartridge using a Yobo clone NES system.

Be in 8Bit heaven & place a bid for this wicked little item HERE!

MUZIK 4 Machines Live Dec 2008!

gear used

Korg ESX1: All Sequences/Drums

Yamaha TX81z: Reverby/Pumpy Sawtooth Bass (chain:TX81z-Akai MFC42-Alesis Nanoverb-DBX266 ch1 (pump)-ch2 (Compression)-Mixer)

Roland MKS50: Hoover/Saw/Lead/Pumpy Synth (Chain MKS50-Boss SL20-DBX266-Zoom RFX2200-Mixer)

Redsound SoundBite Pro: Vocals/looping

Korg Kaoss pad 2: Tempo Delay

Korg Kaoss Pad 3: Loops, Looper(snare rolls), Grainshifter

Korg Kaossilator: Noise Sweeps (path: K01-Mini KP(Delay)-Mixer)

Korg ER1: Beatbox AND sidechain signal (Chain: left out-ProCo Turbo Rat-Boss V-Wha-Mixer)

DX200: Fm E-piano, pads, 303-esque sequences, etc (Chain: Left Out-Boss DD5 delay-Mixer)

Motu Midi Mixer 7s: My mixer, controlled by the BCF2000)

Kawai Midi Patchbay:Guess

DBX MC 6: Output Compressor

EAN Golden will rock you with the Korg Nano Pad!

Very neat little demo film, showing what can be done with this brilliant (& cheap) piece of Kit from Korg, this is a quick routine using the Korg Nano pad, 2 tracks in Traktor Pro and a gater effect on the vocal. Check out www.djtechtools.com for the full review and more techniques like this one.

18 Dec 2008

MUSIC The Electronic Edge part 2 of 2 documentaries 1976!

Second part of this excellent film about electronic music.....top stuff!!

DAVE Smith Linndrum II Roger Linn!

Video of the Linndrum II display model in action at the NAMM 08 Show.

MCA & Burzootie Drum Machine 1985!

Great track from MCA from the Beastie Boys...he really means it on this one!!....MCA and Burzootie - Drum Machine from Def Jam 12", Produced and Mixed by Jay Burzootie Burnett, Edited by The Latin Rascals...top track!

17 Dec 2008

ACETONE Rhythm Ace FR-3 vintage beat box...for sale!

This is a vintage Ace Tone Rhythm Ace model FR-3 in good cosmetic and good working condition. Comes with original foot switch that appears to have had very little use. Cool sounding drum machine/beat box....now if you really don't want this, you aint the DRUMACHINEHEAD I took you for....its big, its fat, its ugly, it plays simple beats that a machine a 100th of its size will play...wots not to love!!.....phew, deliceous! bid for it HERE!

RC circuit bent Yamaha DD 10!

Modified with 12 modifications/8 point glitch patchbay and midi in by resonance circuits.

ANALOG MIDI drum machine!

Analog MIDI drum machine, The enclosure came from one of our local thrift stores where I was hoping to find a cash box or similar metal enclosure. This recipe card holder happened to be exactly the right size, and its easy-opening lid was something I needed because I didn't want all of the controls to be mounted on the outside of the case. The 8 knobs on the top of the case control Master Volume, Kick, Clave, Snare, Conga, Low Tom, High Tom, and Hi-Hat levels. The two LEDs indicate power and midi activity...check out more about this little gem HERE!

MUSIC The Electronic Edge part 1 of 2 documentaries 1976!

Brilliant doc for anybody who is interested in machine driven music, enjoy! partially narrated by John Cage, this film predicts where music is going pretty well. A good watch...

16 Dec 2008

KORG PSS-50...a classic?

A total 80's classic!...maybe!?

KORG nanoPAD review!

A neat little demo of the brilliant Korg nanoPAD...essential piece of kit!

KORG DS-10 jam!

Check out the AWESOME Korg DS10 on the nintendo ds with this very neat simple demo video...you want one!, we all want one!!

15 Dec 2008

HOW TO Use a Beat Box Rhythm Machine!

Understanding how a beat box drum machine works is easy with these tips, get expert advice on rhythm machines and beats in this free video...hehehe!!

TOUCHSCREEN Drum Machine €100!

So this is a short description of the touchscreen drum machine how it's housed and the object I used in Max. The audio is crappy (very crappy and distorted in parts) but you get the gist. If you want the links and all that go to audiolemon.blogspot.com

HOW TO Make Beats with an Akai MPC!

Learn how to mute sounds on the Akai MPC drum machine in this free online video tutorial.

14 Dec 2008

DIY DS-8 drum machine clone!

A DIY DS-8 drummachine clone, It has two channels with two triggers, many pot's and some circuit bending inside, sounds weird, but i had fun building it! machine built by Sasha Kulagin.

DIVIUS TR808 clone!

First sound tests of BD and SD voices of Divius, a Roland TR808 drum machine clone, sorry for poor sound quality, It is taken with camera microphone, more info at www.eight-oh-eight.org

AKAI XR20 beat production station!

Inspiration can happen anywhere. The XR20 is loaded with pro-grade, industrial-strength drum, percussion, bass, synth, sound effects, vocal and instrument hit sounds and has the ability to lay them in a groove wherever and whenever you're ready. Over 700 pre-loaded sounds, and an integrated effects engine for Reverb, EQ and Compression put you in full control of your beat production. A microphone input is even included for mixing vocals with your patterns. Brilliant backlit pads provide visual cues for added beat precision. The XR20 features sounds of standard and electronic drums, single (one-shot) hits, bass and synth sounds to easily create your maximum mix in minimal time.

13 Dec 2008

MPC very rare drum computer C64!


ULTRA rare oberheim DX stretch MINT !

The DX Programmable Digital Drum Machine from Oberheim fills the professional musician's need for an afford able. easy to use, state- of- the- art drum computer. Based upon the modular Oberheim DMX Drum Machine, the DX offers the sound and features of the DMX in a less expensive, more integrated package . The DX is not a drum synthesizer; it is a complex microcomputer system programmed with digital studio recordings of real drums. It doesn't sound like a rhythm box. it sounds like a drummer. Not only does the DX sound like a drummer, it can play like a real drum mer; with rolls, flams, odd time signatures, uneven phrases, changing tempos, or even off the beat. Up to 2200 notes can be stored in the DX, recorded in any of 100 Sequences of any length or time signature. Drum sequences can be recorded in real time or one note at a time. Any of the 18 individual drums (including crash cymbal) or individual notes can be recorded, erased, and then re-recorded until the drum beat is exactly right. The sequences can be combined to form up to 50 songs. Each song can contain up to 255 sequences, arranged in any order, to form a complete composition. Tempo and Time Signature are programmable for each sequence, and with the DX's extensive editing capability, a song's structure can be changed quickly and easily. The DX has several Quantize modes, which correct your rhythm to any beat between l/4 notes and 1/32 note triplets, or turn the Quantize off for the human feel. In addition, there is a Swing mode which will give rhythms the uneven feel that is used so often in jazz and other music. There are individual tuning controls for each voice on the rear panel and each of the six DX voices has its own output. so you can record them on separate tracks. or EQ them separately. There is also a 7 input stereo mixer to allow you to mix all of the drums into the stereo and mono outputs. The DX can run in synchronization with the Oberheim DSX Digital Polyphonic Sequencer and the other components of the Oberheim Music System as well as other sequencers. There is a programmable external trigger, so you can control the DX with sequencers, synthesizers. or even a drum kit. A battery maintains power to the memory when the DX is turned off. so that you don t lose your sequences when you turn off power. A cassette interface is provided which enables quick changes of all of the sequences and permanent data storage. original list price $1395.00. STRETCH expander for Oberheim DX drum machines. The Stretch adds the two things DX owners want most of all: more sounds and more features for older model DX drum machines. For those DX machines, features are added like variable clock, auto start, cue tempo, midi clock out & more. Each Stretch voice has its own buttons, tuning, output jack and level control for the mixed output of the DX. Zif sockets are included to make it easier to add new sounds, containing chip locations for 4 more rows. original list price $495.00", go bid HERE!

VINTAGE Collection MPCsounds.com!

Ya heard of these cats MPCsounds.com? They're another one in the wave of new-school soundware developers who are focusing on Internet distribution of samples as much as possible, although CDs, MPC floppies and Zip disks are still available. Also, MPCsounds–as the name suggests–concentrates on making samples intended for the Akai MPC series of sampling drum machines (and a bit for the Korg Triton as well) and for the makers of hip-hop music in particular, their latest collection was just released: Vintage Machinez 2. It comes in three parts, available for dowlads at $29.95 each, and each one coming with well more than 600 samples. MPCsounds used a slew of classic drum machines to make the 2,100 total sounds of Vintage Machinez 2, including Boss Dr. Rhythm 55, Boss Dr. Rhythm 110, Casio PT-30, Casio PT-68, EMU SP-12, Fairlight II, Hammond Auto-Vari 64, Hammond Drumbox, Korg KPR-77, Korg Rhythm-55, Pearl SC-40, Univox Micro-Rhythmer 12 and Visco Space Drums, give a listen to the company's product demos to judge for yourself. The percussion parts are from Vintage Machinez 2, with other instruments coming from other MPCsounds libraries, go check em out HERE!

12 Dec 2008

MINIPOPS series 3 5 7 35 120 & Junior!

totally brilliant demo of the Korg MiniPops series of vintage beat boxes, machines featured include 3,5,7,35,120 & Minipops Junior.....great demo!! and an awesome collection!!......enjoy!!

MR 10 Rare Vintage Analogue!

Yamaha mr10 vintage analog 1981 drum machine, this is very cute 5 pad analogue drum machine, this item for sale is very clean just normal wear and tear,100% working order but trigger pad for the bass drum is sometimes too sensitive and the snare drum also triggers the High tom (see the youtube video) trigger pads for bass drum /snare/High tom/ low tom /cymbal, seperate adjustable volume for Bass drum and cymbals,tuning for toms and cymbals,12 patterns with variations 4bar/ 8bar, this would be the perfect machine for circuit bending as it runs off batteries .check out this link to youtube demonstrating this item for sale HERE! Item for sale HERE!

NOISY Beat Box!

hahahaha........a nice bit of circuit bending here...great machine, in fact its a circuit bent KAWASAKI Toy Drum.....just for the record!!

11 Dec 2008

BOSS DR-55 dr rhythm vintage analog...for sale!

wow! this looks in great condition....one of my fave drum machines ever!! go get it, you know you want to, here's a little more info from the selller! CLASSIC BOSS DR-55 Dr. Rhythm Analogue Drum Machine. Complete with user and service manuals. Pure analogue sounds, fully programmable vintage step-time sequencer, solid all metal construction - they definitely dont make 'em like this anymore! A fantastic wee vintage beatbox. In very good condition, only negative is one knob is not original, everything else is good. Please contact me if you have any questions about the item, payment or delivery, go make a bid HERE!

MONOLOG vs. Linn Drum II!

See avanturb.com for more details, this is an alpha preview of an analog drum machine developed in bidule for the monome.

A CLASSIC...A Bargain!

An awesome TR 606 for sale on ebay...and a very reasonable buy it now price as well...wow! here's more info from the seller!, this listing is for a Roland TR-606 vintage analog drum machine. It's in perfect working order and nice cosmetic shape as well. Individual outputs were added and give it a bit more flexibility when recording. Smoke free home studio use only, feel free to email me any questions. Thanks! WILL SHIP WORLDWIDE FOR A FLAT $50 FOR EXPRESS MAIL WITH INSURANCE INCLUDED go make a bid HERE!

10 Dec 2008

GLITCH monster sk1!

This is a one-of-a-kind patchable glitch box. It is dozens of hours of soldering spagetti by the inventor www.kingcapitalpunishment.com You can find it on his website under one of a kind devices. It was once a Casio sk-1. Features I am NOT demonstrating here: Hendrix-style feedback loops using the microphone send and the drum machine glitch out. Oceanus shows some of that drum thing, so instead i thought I'd simply patch up and go. The click beat your hearing are the 8 mechanical relays that switch on the glitch patch. I am also not using the light source VCA. This machine is simply mad, Mad i tell you! You can do melodic flutes with poly-portemento, vibrato and built-in echo but I didn't do that either. Madness in a box. Lots of fun.

DJING in ableton live with a TR-707!

Just messing around not serious playing...apparently...but hey yeh its does it for me...nice one!! oooo I luuuuurve the 707!

MAD preforma!

hahaha, this is great some serious groove'bustin here!!, some kinda hybrid, triggering madness goin on!! great job!! in fact its grooving some Materia Prima Rock!! on tha Tercermundo Sound station !! viva Chile !!!.......wow! more stuff like this www.myspace.com/materiaprimaonline

9 Dec 2008

VINTAGE Electro harmonix drm16 digital rhythm matrix!

Another wopper of a vintage bargain and a lovely chrome/metal sheen, hahaha....nice, here's some info from the seller, VERY RARE VINTAGE DRUM MACHINE - 'Electro harmonix drm16 digital rhythm matrix'. MADE IN NEW YORK, 1978. VERY GOOD CONDITION (few marks but the old boy is 30 years old, actual machine in picture), PERFECT WORKING ORDER!! If you are a collector you'll know how rare this is, here is a link to try & find more info: http://filters.muziq.be/model/eh/drm16/01 My reason for sale is of moving/family matters, I'll be sad to this go but I have little choice. Will be well packaged with proof of postage (first class), go check the sale out HERE!

KORG KR 55 Rare Vintage Analogue & Juno6!

This is the korg kr 55 drum machine synced up to a juno 6, the kr 55 is up for auction on ebay...apparently!

VINTAGE programmable SR-99 on sale!

Seems like a bit of a vintage bargain to me, this is a programmable rhythm sr-99 drum machine which has rhythm pattern control and tempo control and comes with original box, the machine itself is in very good cosmetic condition, the outerbox is tatty. hasn't been tested, check the sale out HERE!

8 Dec 2008

ER1 beatbox!

a very usefull overveiw of the Korg Electribe EA1 synth and the ER1 beatbox, you can always count on sound on sound to do a decent product review check it out HERE!

iDrum, Virtual Drum Machine!

An overview of iDrum, the virtual drum machine for PC and Mac. Includes information on the new features in iDrum 1.7!

MPC2500 beat making!

ok, ok so its not a drum machine...but hell as close as it gets, great machine...

7 Dec 2008

HAHAHA....off his ead!

hahahaha...this creative keyboard, erm, synth...drum machine, oh woteva! is pretty neat actually and they've also got MR rock n roll to demonstrate it....genius!!

JOSEPH Schillinger the Rhythmicon!

Early drum machines were often referred to as "rhythm machines." In 1930–32, the spectacularly innovative and complex Rhythmicon was realized by Léon Theremin on the commission of composer-theorist Henry Cowell, who wanted an instrument with which to play compositions whose multiple rhythmic patterns, based on the overtone series, were far too difficult to perform on existing keyboard instruments. The invention could produce sixteen different rhythms, each associated with a particular pitch, either individually or in any combination, including in mass, if desired. Received with considerable interest when it was publicly introduced in 1932, the Rhythmicon was soon set aside by Cowell and was virtually forgotten for decades. The next generation of rhythm machines played only preprogrammed rhythms such as mambo, tango, or the like.

AUDIO Pirate....ace!

Welcome to the Audio Pirates library of goodies, here you will find a whole archive of links to Audio Production Software, VST, DX, RTAS & AU instruments & Effects, as well as links to other useful software, you will also find audio links here too, including breaks & samples, a capellas, DJ/radio mixes, albums, compilations and cool music videos, go take a look at this very neat informative blog HERE!

6 Dec 2008

PHOTO droool! heaven...Boss DR880!

just a lovely simple photo of the Boss DR 880....deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeliceous!!, now drape a naked Angelina Jolie over it and we would be totally cookin', more lovely'ness at www.roland.com

STYLOPHONE, Drum Machine rehearsals!

hehehehehehe.........kinda genius...in a kinda ungenius way...weird that aint it!!.........yeh nice one!!

THE drum buddy!

you don't get a lot weirder than this!!, Available at Fresh Kills for auction preview, the Drum Buddy is a 4 oscillator, light activated, mechanically rotating drum machine and the invention of renowned New Orleans musician, Quintron. One of only 10 produced, Serial #1 from the 2008 New Line Cypress Drum Buddies is now being auctioned on eBay. The auction ends Tuesday, February 5th (Mardi Gras Day) at 11:00pm EST. New York City musician, Laurie Anderson and Nels Cline of the band, Wilco have acquired 2 of this limited run of Drum Buddies. All others have been sold. Visit quintronandmisspussycat.com and freshkillsflagship.com for more info, images, & music.

5 Dec 2008

ROCKBAND drums on a pc!

Demonstration of a drum machine emulator using 360/PS3/PS2 RockBand drums on a PC in Windows, you can download "Drum Machine" at www.andrewrudson.com

S-CAT (0059) circuit bent toy!

Hey this circuit bent toy kicks ass no doubt, the ultimate party machine....mmmmmm.....yeh maybe!! top work!

LET there be light!, MMS!

DJ Cylob does d'biz with the Monome Music System here taking its first steps, more info and MMS progress reports at http://cylob.blogspot.com/

4 Dec 2008

BOSS DR-880 Gearwire overview!

This is a serious beast of a machine no doubt!, awesome!! we visit a doctor that won't try to poke you in the prostate the BOSS DR-880, the DR-880 won't be able to prescribe the medicine for what ails you (unless what ails you is a vitamin beat deficiency). It will, however, provide you with enough kits and pads to satisfy even the most genre-unbounded artist, see more on www.Gearwire.com

THE Concertmate Analog!

Called the "Electronic Accompanist Metronome", made in Japan for Radio Shack.
This is one of the most clever designs I've ever seen for a pre-programmed drum machine. Has only five buttons for different patterns but by selecting different combinations you can make a wide variety of patterns.

JOMOX XBase 09 arrives in america...97!

The XBase-09 analog drum machine from Jomox (Germany) is now available in the United States. The machine made its United States debut (in prototype form) at the Winter Namm show in Anaheim, California in January of 1997.
This truly analog drum machine features greatly improved sound generation parameters. As with the original Roland 909 and 808 drum machines, the kick and snare sections are true analog sound generators, however the XBase-09 also offers digital saveable and midi-adjustable controls for all parameters. In other words, drum sounds can be stored as "drum kits" (100 memories are available for drum kits), and called up at a later time.
For enhanced sonic manipulation, the bass drum section features eight parameter controls (yes, actual knobs!):
Tune (identical function to the original, however the range has been improved)
Pitch (alteration of the bottom tuning. Sub basses down to 25Hz or Piccolo flute tones are possible)
Decay (identical function to the original, however the range has been improved)
Harmonics (alteration of the upper tones of the VCO's)
Pulse (alteration of the pure pulse part of the attack...extreme kicks are available)
Noise (alteration of the pure noise part of the attack)
Attack (identical to the original)
EQ (filters the bass drum output and smoothes the bass...good for soft 808 kicks)
The snare drum section includes the following controls:
Tune (identical function to the original, however the range has been improved)
XSnapp (comparable to an extent to the 909 snappy although has more effect on the overall snare volume)
Decay (identical function to the original, however the range has been improved)
Detune (detunes the two oscillators...capable of producing cowbell sounds)
Noise Tune (tunes the noise filter of the snare)
The HiHat section includes controls for Tune, Decay, Balance (between Open and Closed Hats), and Open Hat Decay. The OpenHat and ClosedHat pads can also be used to control 909 Rim/Clap or 909 Crash/Ride.
All of the controls transmit midi data in real time for editing in a sequencer or for use within the internal sequencer. Because of this, no other analog drum machine in history has had the midi capabilities offered by the XBase. In their review (7/97) of the XBase-09, Sound on Sound magazine says "The XBase-09...has one of the best implementations of MIDI I've ever seen in a drum machine."
More info HERE!

3 Dec 2008

WII in drum machine'land?

mmmmmmm..........take a look see what ya think!, neat idea!...so yes apparently you can control your own drum machine with the Wii remote and a few software programs for your Windows PC, check out www.bobsomers.com for the files you'll need.

BOSS DR550 bent outa shape!

This is an ace Boss DR550 Circuit bent Machine with added RCA patchbay for glitchy craziness.....nice job!!

THE classic Univox SR-95, Korg Mini Pops 7!

Just one in the series of machine's to go under the mini pops name.......listen to it!......love it!!

2 Dec 2008

HARDWARE to die 4....the micro br!

The Boss Micro BR 4 track studio is my fave piece of hardware by a mile at the moment, built in mic (which is bloody good), built in effex, drum machine with 300 samples, 32 virtual tracks, master your trax with the built in mastering software, export your finished songs to wav or mp3 record onto 1gb memory cards....the whole thing just slightly larger than an ipod...could it do any more!?........well I suppose they could have included a tea maker with it....but until then you'll have to get yer mum to do that!....if you buy one piece of hardware this year, let it be this....wow! and I don't even work for Boss....!!! ;-) check it out HERE!

TR909 Clone for iPhone!...

IR-909 is a drum machine for the iPhone inspired by the Roland TR-909. IR-909 features a 16-step sequencer, 4 patterns and 8 different drum sounds. IR-909 includes individual pitch, attack and length controls for each sample. By default IR-909 comes with 6 different sample packs, these include the original TR-909 pack, TR-808, TR-707 and TR-606 packs, plus two additional ones called "Tech House" and "Kärv" and you can actually buy the clone from the mighty iTunes check it out HERE!

THE 1960's SideMan advert!.....

The Wurli Sideman is generally referred to as the first drum machine, you play it sweet, Side Man Gives the Beat some oscillating tubes, housed in a cabinet sitting next to your piano, guitar or flooglehorn, can turn you into a one-man orchestra, the cabinet, actually a new electronic instrument called Side Man, produces a variety of instrumental sounds from bass drum, torn torn and wood block to maracas, brush and cymbal, the instrument will play in such rhythms as a waltz, cha cha, beguine, tango, march, rumba or 72 variations of a fox trot, any of the rhythms can be varied from a slow 30 to a fast 195 beats per minute. Side Man (named after the members of a band who accompany the soloist) plugs into any a-c outlet, has three speakers and an 11-watt amplifier. Cost of the unit in a mahogany cabinet is $395. Manufacturer is Wurlitzer the Co., De Kalb, Ill.

1 Dec 2008


you can now get the Roland TR 909 on yer Nintendo DS, hey this looks wicked, wow they'll have the freakin kitchen sink on the DS soon!! ;-)...more info HERE!

CIRCUIT bent Yamaha DD7...!

RC CIRCUIT BENT (bLuE mAyHeM) Yamaha DD-7 drum machine, nice machine its for sale on ebay HERE!

TR 909 T shirt....brill!

now this is one smart piece of clothing that you know you are just gonna seem like the biggest geek ever when you walk into your local...so be the envy of yer mates check it out and buy it HERE!