27 Dec 2008

NORTEC cwejman modular synth & TR909!

Nortec cwejman modular synth & tr909 from Live at mutek.mx CD, this is a bassline extracted from latinsizer track "Centro*"(from "Latinsizer Live at MUTEK.mx" CD 2005 ), i just remake that bass using one Cwejman Oscillator,one ADSR, and filter, the secuence was made with Doepfer MAQ-16 in sync with TR-909 distorted with Sonic Aleniator, cheers, pepe mogt / latinsizer / nortec collective

*Centro (only available in "Latinsizer Live at MUTEK .mx" CD 2005 )

The TR-909 is an awesome analog drum machine! THE standard House and Techno beatbox. Sounds include kick, snare, hand clap, open and closed hi hats, low mid and hi toms, rim shot, ride and crash cymbals. Sounds are tweakable - attack, tone, tuning, decay, snap and accent. This machine does not sound like true acoustic drums, and we don't want it to. It has a unique and very loveable analog sound that's all its own!

Extremely popular today, especially for dance, it is used by 808 State, Air, Bushflange, Future Sound of London, Moby, Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim), Orbital, Hardfloor, Uberzone, Underworld, The Prodigy, Faithless, ATB, Eat Static, Jimmy Edgar, Sense Datum, Richie Hawtin, A Guy Called Gerald, Astral Projection, Josh Wink, Freddy Fresh, Jean-Michel Jarre, Luke Vibert, Latinsizer, the Chemical Brothers, and many more! It is armed with Roland's DIN Sync and MIDI, individual outputs, external memory cartridges, and an essential shuffle & flam for great grooves. Use it as a sound module or program patterns, songs and beats into it...either way you'll be in analog drum heaven with the 909!
909 text from http://www.vintagesynth.com/ cwejman vco-2rm
The Cwejman VCO-2RM has two independent full featured VCOs and a ring modulator. It has internal connections for sync and linear frequency cross modulation, and are also pre patched to the ring modulator. All these connections go through normalized jacks, so external signals can also be used. They deliver square and pulse waves, triangle, sine and four variants of ramp wave, each adding more over tones with a more nasal timbre. The VCOs can be switched to LFO mode and has both normal and inverted output.

They have a classic warm and fat VCO sound, not as harsh as the Doepfer, and not so muddy as the Analogue Systems.

It sounds so good that I don't automatically want to put them through in a filter to shape it. The PWM sound is extremely beefy. I can't guarantee the CV tracking all to the very top, but it sweeps from LFO to beyond the hearing level to somewhere around 22 KHZ. Even at high modulation levels, it does not go into distortion, and keeping its warmth. That makes it a very good tool for FM sounds. The ring modulator is also a high quality unit. It sounds good, and accepts both AC and DC, making it useful as a VCA unit if needed.

On the downside, there are mainly two things. First, the waveform is determinate by a knob. I would have preferred to have them in separate outputs. The second is the lack of an octave switch, review from electro-music.com

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