30 Oct 2009

D-TOUCH drum machine!

D-Touch.org has released the D-Touch Drum Machine, a drum machine with a tangible user interface.

It is controlled by placing and arranging physical objects on an A4 piece of paper, which we call the interactive area.

The interactive area is arranged in 11 rows, each row corresponds to a different sound, as indicated by the text labels. The horizontal position of the blocks on the interactive area determines the timing of the sound trigger within the loop.

You can find detailed instructions on how to assemble and setup your own D-Touch Drum Machine HERE.

Visit D-Touch.org for more information. Link via MusicThing @ Twitter


GAMEBOY drum machine rom!

You know how drummers tap desks, objects, and anything around them incessantly, often unaware of the fact that they’re doing it, until people get annoyed? Well, now you don’t need a drummer around: you can program a Game Boy to do the same thing.

Jowan Sebastian has built a brilliant, elegant application for Game Boys called kBANG. Wire up a Game Boy to other objects — like solenoids, simple mechanical devices that can perform a tapping action — and you’ve got a real-world drum machine. Enough glitchy beats: physical objects become percussion.

kBANG: Game Boy Drum Machine

If you want to try this yourself, he has posted a ROM, but you’ll be on your own building the interface.


27 Oct 2009

KORG KR55b Vintage Analog...for sale!

Here's a monster for sale on ebay...here's more info, Up for auction is an original, hard to find Korg KR-55b analog drum machine with rare vinyl cover and original box. Twice the patterns of the original KR-55. Great sounds, great patterns, sync output via bass or selectable trigger, mix and match patterns for vintage retro goodness.

Condition: Near mint condition (see photos).

Accessories: Power cable included. Vinyl cover included. Original box included.

Functionality: Unit powers up, works perfectly. All lights and LED's function. The switches work perfectly with no double-triggering. No scratchy pots or jacks. Drum patterns all work perfectly. Sounds great!


iGOG VelAUcity Demo!

iGOG for the iPhone: Demo of VelAUcity, the technology behind iGOG's touch-sensitive drum pads. Visit http://www.wavemachinelabs.com/igog/ for more information.
Original post by: http://www.youtube.com/user/WaveMachineLabs

24 Oct 2009

CIRCUIT Bent Roland TR-505!

Added faders to control volume of individual drum sounds. 3 6 position rotary switches, with leds.
Pitch control, 2 bend switches and 2 momentary. www.exfade.org
cheers to burnkit2600 for info, posted by http://www.youtube.com/user/wotatwaat

JMD5 Drum Practice Pad, Beat counter...for sale!

JMD5 Drum Practice Pad with Beat counter

The JMD-5 helps players to tighten their chops and rudiments with the integration of a practice pad and metronome.

Tempo range of 30-250bpm
9 different rhythms built in to practice with
The counting mode measures how many strokes you play in a preset time limit (5 secs - 5mins)
9 different beat settings allow you to practice with standard and odd times
Built in clock and timer helps you to set your own practice time
Includes jack sockets for headphones and 9v adaptor
Mounts on to any 8mm cymbal stand
Batteries included (AAA x 3) or DC 9V (NOT INCLUDED)

180mm x 210mm x 29mm
Colour of pad may vary from blue, white, green or orange.


22 Oct 2009


Ok I'm sure we all love our stylophones!?....they really do rock don't they?...but hey that wonderfull Stylophone company has come up with anutha winner...its got retro stylophone styling and you play beats on it..its the Stylophone BeatBox! wots not to like go on get one from HERE and here's the wonderfull BRETT DOMINO to show you how to use this little piece of modern history!

21 Oct 2009

THE Great Bleep Forward on t'BBC!

If you're the least bit interested in Electronic music, synths or DRum Machines.....which I'm sure you are or you wouldn't be reading this!!! we have just read about this ace new BBC Radio6 documentary! here's more info about it taken from one of our fave blogs RetroThing

BBC Radio 6 is rebroadcasting The Great Bleep Forward, a four part series from 2004 that looks at the birth of electronic music.

The Beeb blurb says, "The story of modern music is one of subversion and experimentation, of heroes and villains. But what if we've got it all wrong? What if the real subversives didn't wear leather and denim but smart suits and white lab coats? What if the true experimentation wasn't with LSD but with DX7's and S900s? What if the real heroes of music aren't John, and Paul, Mick and Keith, but Ralf, Florian, Robert and Wendy!

The Great Bleep Forward is a series four programmes, presented by Andrew Collins exploring the history of electronic music. Hear the first baby's cry of the moog synthesiser, embrace the difficult childhood of prog rock, grapple with the 'experimental' teenage years of the New Romantics and discover the middle aged maturity and nostalgia of the present day. You'll also get a sense of the sound of the future.

The series features interviews with many of the key players in the development of electronic music including Robert Moog, Kraftwerk's Ralph Hutter, Radiohead's Johnny Greenwood, Factory's Tony Wilson, Thomas Dolby, The Human League, Primal Scream, A Guy Called Gerald, Zoot Woman and Grandaddy."

The scope seems a bit broader than the recent BBC 4 Synth Britannia documentary, which focused on a handful of pivotal years in the early 1980s. [thanks, Stuart!]

Listen to The Great Bleep Forward online (until Oct 26, 2009)


20 Oct 2009

MACHINE BOY crazy FREE track giveaway!

IS Machine Boy completely crazy....off his rocker!, stupid....erm..well maybe yes! would be the answer..but hahahaha...we aint told him yet we are giving away his art! (hahaha musicians!) anyway the FREE track is taken from his new album 'I Of Many', the track is called 'iMachine' and you can download it from this LINK the rest of the album can be checked out from all the top t'internet download sites for example! Amazon , play.com or Machine Boy's personal fave site iTunes oh yes by the way...if you see Machine Boy don't tell him where you got the free track from......woooooooooow! has he got a temper....rock on freebee'dudes!.......