31 Jan 2009

TAKING a walk with the Boss BR66!

Having a session in the wilderness with my newly purchased Boss SB-66 metronome. Yes, I'm aware that it's a metronome but upon hearing the wonderfully lo-tech clicks and cuts I couldn't resist jamming out with Dr. Beat.

BOSS DR660 Big Jim jam!

Crankin out some FAT BEATS with Dr Rhythm until they are so fat that they become PHAT. PHATT, even. Damn Phattt. Entitled "Big Jim and The Twins".

CIRCUIT Bent Yamaha RX21!

Yet another wooden paneled Yamaha RX Drum Machines. Two feedback filters, two distortion/glitch switches, and 2 5-way rotary switches.

30 Jan 2009

VINTAGE Akai S20 Stereo phrase Sampler...for sale!

AKAI S20 Midi Stereo Digital Phrase Sampler Expanded to 17Mb, In excellent working condition with Power supply and original manual - I have used this for various recording projects and for gigs and it's never let me down. Selling now to make a bit of space.
The power adaptor wire (DC 10 volt end, not the mains plug end) is a little delicate, but still works fine - just needs to be handled carefully!

You would need an adaptor/or another 10voltDC power supply if you intend to buy this and use it overseas.

Here's a revue from Sound On Sound in July 1997

16-bit linear stereo sampling
8-voice polyphony
Sample, loop and playback in real-time
16 pads for triggering sampled phrases
'Hold' mode to automatically repeat beat loops
Tempo can be set in real-time using the front panel 'Tap Tempo' key
30,000 note, 4-track sequencer
Built-in floppy disk drive
Comes with 1MB of RAM standard (expandable to 17MB with standard SIMM)
Simple editing functions
Sample compatibility with the all Akai "S" series samplers
Can be used as a conventional MIDI sampler with multi-sampling and multi-timbral capability 'Beat-Loop' function makes it easy to synchronize multiple phrases
For each phrase, input the number of beats and the desired tempo, and the S20 will adjust the phrase to play at that tempo

16-bit stereo, 64x oversampling DAC
• SAMPLING RATES: 4kHz, 8kHz, 16kHz, 32kHz
• POLYPHONY: 8-note
• BEAT MODE: bpm adjustable from 000.1 to 999.9
• MEMORY: 1Mb, expandable to 5Mb (with 4Mb SIMM) or 17Mb (with 16Mb SIMM).
• SAMPLING TIMES: 1Mb, 32kHz rate: 7 seconds stereo, 14 seconds mono; 1Mb, 16kHz rate: 14 seconds stereo, 28 seconds mono; 17Mb, 32kHz rate: 131 seconds stereo, 262 seconds mono; 17Mb, 16kHz rate: 262 seconds stereo, 524 seconds mono
• REAL-TIME SEQUENCER: 4 tracks, 30,000 notes
• CONNECTORS: L+R audio in and out (phonos); MIDI In and Out (soft Thru); Stereo headphones socket.
• SIZE: 11.5 inches x 8 inches x 3.25 inches

go take a bid HERE!

AKAI MPC500 Sampler...for sale!

Factory Re-Packaged
AKAI MPC500 Sampler / Sequencer, High Quality


This is a fixed price listing for a AKAI MPC500 Sampler / Sequencer
The Akai MPC500 is the first truly portable all-in-one Music Production Centre.
Affording artists the ability to sample and create music on-the-go, the Akai MPC500 offers many of the same features users have grown to love in the MPC line. From rock solid sequencing and programming to expandable memory and storage options, the Akai MPC500 is only small in physical size. Compatible with other MPC products, the MPC500extends users' studios to fit in with their mobile lifestyles.

This sampler/sequencer is brand new but has been re-packaged by Akai due to a tarnished cardboard box only!!!

take a bid on this item HERE!

EMU SP1200 Sampling Drum Machine...for sale!

Up for sale is an all original Emu Sp-1200 Sampling Drum Machine

If you're looking at this you probably know what the deal is, 12-bit... 10 seconds sampling time. CLASSIC sound. But if not, then read on:

Fully working, comes with software 1.0 which boots up from a floppy disk of course.

I can throw in 5 floppies with drum samples on, but as you can see from the photo, this machine is meant to be loaded with samples from dusty old vinyl! Johnny Jenkins and Joe Farrell LPs are NOT included hehehe

I think I have the manual somewhere printed off from online, but not sure where it is...Many classic albums have been made with these and just a mic

Famous users of the SP-1200 include Hank Shocklee, Pete Rock, Q-Tip, Jay Dee, Prince Paul, Showbiz & AG, Lord Finesse, DJ Muggs, RZA, The Beastie Boys etc... so basically every famous Hip-Hop producer ever, then! Also many House producers have used them, Todd Terry, even Daft Punk today.

Here's some stuff from WIkipedia about the SP-1200:

"Designed to be used as both a drum sequencer and sampler in one, the SP-1200 features a 26.04 kHz sampling rate (roughly half the fidelity of a compact disc) and 12-bit resolution; along with the idiosyncratic SSM2044 filter chips, these machines were fitted with make for a dirty, gritty sound. One of the attributes of the SP-1200 is its extremely small amount of memory—roughly 10 seconds.

The SP-1200 can store up to 100 patterns, 100 songs and has a 5000 note minimum memory for drum sequences. It also has a mono mix output and eight individual outputs, MIDI in/out/thru, SMPTE sync, and a metronome output. There is one button that allows you to select between banks A, B, C and D giving the user easy access to each of the 32 sounds. The front panel contains several LED lights, buttons and eight volume and pitch faders for each sound in the selected bank. Below each fader is a large button to initialize the sound, or select the sound for editing, and a switch to turn the trigger's velocity sensitivity off or on. The sequencer works in the familiar pattern-style of placing short consecutive sections of samples into a song. The user can easily add swing quantisation and tempo changes. The sequencer can sync the tempo to SMPTE, MIDI or analogue clock pulses. Also, if one wanted, the sequencer can synchronize the tempo to a tapping finger with the 'tap tempo' button."

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28 Jan 2009

NORTEC cwejman modular synth + TR909!

This is a bassline extracted from latinsizer track "Centro*"(from "Latinsizer Live at MUTEK.mx" CD 2005 ), i just remake that bass using one Cwejman Oscillator,one ADSR, and filter, the secuence was made with Doepfer MAQ-16 in sync with TR-909 distorted with Sonic Aleniator. cheers pepe mogt / latinsizer / nortec collective www.myspace.com/latinsizer

The TR-909 is an awesome analog drum machine! THE standard House and Techno beatbox. Sounds include kick, snare, hand clap, open and closed hi hats, low mid and hi toms, rim shot, ride and crash cymbals. Sounds are tweakable - attack, tone, tuning, decay, snap and accent. This machine does not sound like true acoustic drums, and we don't want it to. It has a unique and very loveable analog sound that's all its own!

VINTAGE Linn LM1 made famous by Prince, Human League!

We buy, sell & trade vintage analog synthesizers, but you probably knew that already. Here's an improvised performance on an original Linn Drum Computer LM-1 we recently sold to a well known musician. The cover's off as I was doing a final inspection and test before shipping it out. These Linn sounds were all over 80s synth records, especially Prince and Human League albums. We've got another LM-1 in stock that we will probably put on the market soon. If you look closely, you'll see a vintage Emu modular synth in the background. We love our modular synths. Enjoy, and email us anytime at minime123@onebox.com originally posted by 123synthland

BEAT thang!

Here's more deliceous info about this new monster...wicked!!
The Most POWERFUL, Portable, Real Beat Machine ever Made!!??
Pounding kicks, smacking snares, sizzling hi hats, thunderous claps… we've come to expect killer sounds from The Beat Kangz after the history-making sound design of the Streetboxx™. But THE BEAT THANG moves beat making into the stratosphere with real bass, live strings, striking synths, Latin and African percussion, crunchy electric guitar, and startling sound effects all available right at your finger tips with no load time..

For the complete lowdown go HERE!

27 Jan 2009

BEATBOX kaoss!

beatbox kaoss info
just a test jam to hear what its like probably pretty crap but its just a test is about 80% complete just a few things to fix on the visual side of the sequencer
heres a list of stuff it does now and what controls it in pad mode and extr control mode

the x y pad 8x8 grid triggers the the 8 sampler modules 3 which i replaced with sample loopers swing which is controlled with the fx depth knob
a button scrolls down the 8 sampler triggers b button enables the pad trigger to input to the seq or use the hold button the c button reverses the audio and the lights in the kaoss pad the d sample button controls the fill roll
which u can alter with the shift control using the fx release slider

EXTERNAL CONTROL mode i use the 8 horizontal faders

the 8 buttons i use for muting tracks the faders 1 2 and 3 control where in sample loopers 6 7 and 8 where to play the fx depth is a master control for the length of the sampler 6 7 n 8 fader 4 is controlling a weird zip type thing dont know
sounds good somtimes

button a is forward motion
button b is backward
button c is a cutter
fader 5 controls the speed of the cut
fader 6 alters that
d button starts the 2 pitch sequencers that alters the pitch
of tracks 6 7 and 8 using faders 7 and 8
the hold button triggers the audio looper
the fx release alters the timing but if u jam with it a bit it starts to cut itself up into jacking style beats quite funky

the sounds in the vid are just a couple of drum hit kits in the loopers its just a kit of crappy disco shit and old rave tape samples i made for tim exile keymasher micro which i tried to nick some bits from but ma machine was having none of it
and made me build my own bits for it. the fcuker .

TENORI-ON vs Yamaha RX120!

The RX120 drum machine doesnt get enough props in my opinion. 12 bits of Dog Barks, Slamming Doors, strange latin percussion.

ELECTRONIC synth pad...for sale!

Create your own music or let this gadget do it for you...apparently, go take a bid HERE!

26 Jan 2009

BENT outa shape Roland TR505!

This was a commission for Chris Wing (www.winganimation.com) who lives in San Francisco and writes cool dub tracks.
I have only used six patch combinations in the video, but there are literally thousands to explore.
The box has MIDI in and out, and a switch to route the drum machine's audio signal through a 'voice modulator' section, which has pitch and LFO controls.
Apologies for the inferior drum programming - I'm looking forward to hearing Chris do it justice!

PHIL Collins demonstrates his Roland CR78!

The master demonstrates his use of this awesome machine, here's more info, Phil shows how he used my favorite drum machine, the Roland CR-78, on the track "Hand In Hand" from his 1981 Face Value album.

MC XANDER White Stripes remix!

MC Xander Beatbox/Vocalist Extraordinare performs near Camden Town on the streets of London. Using a portable battery powered Crate amp, a mic, and his amazing vocal skillz, MC Xander lays down the beat while providing the melodies and the lyrics all at the same time.

25 Jan 2009

RITM 1976....for sale! WOW!


• This auction drum machine was made in 1976. Serial number: 3117.
• The rhythm box has 20 preset patterns: Foxtrot, Swing, Rock 1-4, Bosanova 1-2, Tango, Habanera, March 1-2, Waltz 1-2, Samba, Bayon, Mambo, Cha-cha, Rumba, Begin.
• 3 control knobs : VOLUME, TIMBRE, TEMPO.
• Power on/off switch.
• Audio OUT comes directly from box on 1/4'' standard jack socket.
• Interesting detail about output - directly from box comes also start/stop pedal. You must press this pedal all time when operate with sound, if You take it off - rhythm stop. This is strange soviet system :)
• Power Supply: 220/240V.
• In addition, a start-and-stop key on panel and a button of style variation are available.
• On a rear panel is located hidden slot with a power AC, power cord, line output cable and pedal.

This drum machine looks excellent for such old unit, overall cosmetic condition is very clean too. It is in excellent working condition and is fully checked before this auction. All pots and switch were serviced, cleared and checked before this auction and are clean on moving.
• This drum synth sounds really interesting with warm analog drum sound. Please notice this is old analog box and small hum noise is coming from outputs. Please check audio demo below.

Full info about RITM specifications and more sounds: RITM Info

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WOW....Alesis on the cheap...brand new!

Maplins uk online store are doing an awesome deal on the SR-16 Drum Machine only £79.99 SAVE £70.00 was £149.99, now this is CHEAP!...

The Classic Drum Machine for Composition, Recording and Accompaniment
Selection of 233 drum sounds and 50 preset drum patterns
As one of the most popular drum machines ever made, the SR-16™ has been used by everyone from songwriters to live performers to remix engineers as their drum machine of choice. The reason is simple: it features a great selection of 233 realistic, natural drum sounds, offered both in dry form and sampled with our incomparable digital reverbs. Our exclusive Dynamic Articulation™ feature enables a drum sound to change its tonal content as it's played harder for truly realistic performances. The SR-16 features 50 preset patterns that were actually played in by top studio drummers, not just programmed and quantized. You'll find enough built-in rhythmic variations (with A, B and two Fill sections) for composing complete arrangements, and you can create and save your own customized patterns and songs. Plus, the SR-16 also provides complete MIDI implementation, a footswitch input, flexible programming and editing features and velocity-sensitive pad buttons. It's so easy to use that you'll be up-and-running and composing new music in minutes. Whether you need a songwriting partner or an accompanyist for live performance, turn to the all-time world standard in drum machines: the SR-16.

Audio Outputs:4 (2 stereo pairs)
Pads:12 velocity sensitive (w/Dynamic Articulation™)
Sample/DAC Bit Resolution:16/18
Sounds Accessible via Pads:12
Sounds Accessible via MIDI:120
Polyphony:16 voice
Panning:7-position user programmable
Velocity Response:8 loudness levels via pads, 127 via MIDI
Timing Resolution:96 ppq
Time Signature Range:1-128 beats per pattern
Tempo Range:20-255 bpm
Notes/Patterns/Songs:12,000/400 (200 user, 200 preset)/100
Kits:50 user, 50 preset
MIDI Program Change Response:Kit
Sync:MIDI Clock/Song Position Pointer
Footswitch Jacks/Functions:2; start/stop, count/A/B/fill

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QUICKBEAT Human Drummer V1!

Free Drum Machine Demo & Download
by Jim Lee
Super Simple to Use
Real Drums Played by Groovy Drummers
No Tempo change, No MIDI, No Import/Export
No Beat Sequencing or Programming Required
Helps You Jam & Develop Your Musical Skills
download the free demo HERE!

24 Jan 2009

AN ORGY....of drum machine's, obviously!

This happened in Vancouver at a community space called "Here on Earth" that was located in the industrial section of East Vancouver, and it was organized by several members of a now defunct electronic music collective called "The Black Hole Club". I found these and other pictures while I was cleaning up one of my hard drives, and I thought that I would upload it so I could share it on http://www.livepa.org/board and I didn't expect it to show up on Matrixsynth.com

We had somewhere around 30 machines show up and the idea was to get them all synced up to one clock source. Sort of a "hey, can we do this?" exercise more than a musical or recording one. It did work, but as you can imagine the sound was godawful and given the number of machines there obviously was a lot of slop in the timing. The hard part was actually getting a clock that each of the machines could recognize; there were a number of pre-MIDI boxes that had a wide variety of differing clock requirements so it was no small feat getting everything to talk to one another.

Before we did this, we had to define what a "drum machine" was, and we settled on a definition like "a stand alone hardware device that is capable of generating simultaneous and polyphonic sounds that are primarily percussive in nature and is capable of playing back those sounds in a preset or user-defined pattern, and is intended for use as a backing rhythm track source alone", or something to that effect which excluded MPC's, sequenced monosynths/modulars and workstations/grooveboxes.

Like I said before, it was really a try-it-and-see type thing, rather than a musical or recording exercise, as well as a great excuse to get together, geek out on drum machines and drink beer. Good times!

This was originally posted at our fave blog Matrixsynth.com

JARRE tours in May....deeeeeeeeeliceous!

The mighty Jean Michel jarre tours in May 2009, get yer tickets...like now!! its gonna be awesome! here's more info!

Jean Michel Jarre is back on tour with a brand new production !
"IN-DOORS" World Tour 2009-2010 will start in May in Europe and will continue around the world as of September 2009 (update will follow soon).

Box office info
04/05/09 - Debrecen, Hungary - Főnix Csarnok (Phoenix Hall)
Venue Capacity: 8,500 - Time: 20:00 - Tickets: HUF
Tickets On Sale - http://www.ticketpro.hu/events.php?event=233
05/05/09 - Ostrava, Czech Republic - CEZ Arena
Venue Capacity: 12,000 - Time: 20:00 - Tickets: CZK
Tickets On Sale http://www.ticketpro.cz/jnp/
06/05/09 - Wroclaw, Poland - Hala Stulecia (Centennial Hall)
Venue Capacity: 6,000 - Time: 20:00 - Tickets: Zloty 175/195
Tickets On Sale - www.livenation.pl
08/05/09 - Aarhus, Denmark - Atletion - NRGi Arena
Venue Capacity: 4,740 - Time: 20:00 - Tickets: Kr 595/695/795
Tickets On Sale - www.billetnet.dk
09/05/09 - Herning, Denmark - MCH Messecenter Herning
Venue Capacity: 5,200 - Time: 20:00 - Tickets: Kr 550/750/775/975
Tickets On Sale - www.billetnet.dk
11/05/09 - Malmo, Sweden - Malmo Arena
Venue Capacity: 15,000 - Time: 19:30 - Tickets: SEK 470/570
Tickets On Sale - www.ticnet.se
12/05/09 - Goteborg, Sweden - Scandinavium
Venue Capacity: 14,000 - Time: 19:30 - Tickets: SEK 470/570
Tickets On Sale - www.ticnet.se
13/05/09 - Oslo, Norway - Oslo Spektrum
Venue Capacity: 9,700 - Time: 19:30 - Tickets: NOK 450/550
Tickets On Sale - www.billettservice.no
14/05/09 - Stockholm, Sweden - Hovet (The Court)
Venue Capacity: 9,800 - Time: 19:30 - Tickets: SEK 570/670
Tickets On Sale - www.ticnet.se
16/05/09 - Helsinki, Finland - Hartwall Areena (Helsinki Arena)
Venue Capacity: 12,000 - Time: 20:00 - Tickets: € 68.70/73.70/78.70
Tickets On Sale - www.lippupalvelu.fi
20/05/09 - Glasgow, Scotland - SECC - Clyde Auditorium
Venue Capacity: 3,000 - Time: 19:00 - Tickets: £40/£50
Tickets On Sale - www.secctickets.com & www.seetickets.com
22/05/09 - London, England - Wembley Arena
Venue Capacity: 12,500 - Time: 19:00 - Tickets: £45
Tickets On Sale - www.ticketmaster.co.uk & www.seetickets.com
23/05/09 - Manchester, England - Manchester Evening News (MEN) Arena
Venue Capacity: 22,000 - Time: 20:00 - Tickets: £43.50
Tickets On Sale - www.ticketmaster.co.uk
24/05/09 - Birmingham, England - National Indoor Arena (NIA)
Venue Capacity: 13,000 - Time: 20:00 - Tickets: £43.50
Tickets On Sale - www.seetickets.com
26/05/09 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Heineken Music Hall
Venue Capacity: 5,500 - Time: 20:00 - Tickets: € 59/64/69
Tickets On Sale - www.livenation.nl
27/05/09 - Brussels, Belgium - Vorst Nationaal (Forest National)
Venue Capacity: 7,000 - Time: 20:00 - Tickets: € 50/55/60/65/75
Tickets On Sale - www.sherpa.be
30/05/09 - Zurich, Switzerland - Hallenstadion
Venue Capacity: 13,000 - Time: 20:00 - Tickets: CHF 77/88/99/110/130
Tickets On Sale - www.hallenstadion.ch

originally posted at http://aerojarre.blogspot.com/

VINTAGE machine mod!

Circuit bent drum machine with a 2-bit looper built into it. All housed in a vintage speaker cabinet.

23 Jan 2009

RHYTHM king, the return of the Roland 808!

The TR-808 drum machine was the sound of the Eighties. Now it's back – courtesy of Kanye West's new album, out today. Rhodri Marsden feels the beat,
great TR 808 piece from THE INDEPENDENT newspaper HERE!

BOSS DR55 Dr Rhythm...for sale!

Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-55 Drum Machine, Dr. Rhythm is an extremely small & compact, programmable rhythm machine. Sixteen different patterns can be loaded into the memory & will remain even when the power is switched off. The unit can also be used with a synthesizer or sequencer (not included).
This unit is in good working order, comes with the original box, instruction manual & sample rhythm patterns. Batteries are included so just plug in & play, please note - the battery holder is a bit dodgy but works fine.
if you wanna bid on this item go HERE!

CIRCUIT Bent Boss DR220!

Circuit bent Boss DR-220 drum machine with 8 point patchbay, originally posted by anode8

22 Jan 2009

DIY analog softsynth drum machine!

Taking code from my diy softsynth I made this simple drum synthesizer and sequencer which I am controlling with a Monome and Audio Kontrol 1. And just to spice things up, I throw a Metasonix TM-1 into the signal path. I like when software and valves play together :)

KORG 55B Analog Rhythm Drum Synth...for sale!

Korg Rhythm 55B - 100% analog rhythm drum/synth machine. This comes with everything that originally came with it save for the box including the original instruction manual and dual foot switch. It was adult owned and has had very little use as I am the original owner. This is the same model used by electronic pioneer Jean-Michael Jarre, Depeche Mode, and others. This is one of the best sounding analog rhythm machines. The sounds are very similar to those on the Roland TR-808 and CR series machines, but in my opinion the snare is one of the cleanest sounding snares that has yet to be matched. Classic synth sounds include bass drum, snare drum, cymbal, hi-hat, tomtom, conga, rim click, cowbell, and claves, with separate volume control for each. All 96 patterns work smoothly, What's really great about this machine is the swing function which can be controlled with a knob for the jazz rhythms.

go take a bid on this piece of history HERE!

LIVE jam M4M!

Stereo/HD: http://www.youtube.com
another test on the green screen, this time with a video as background. originally posted by muzik4machines

21 Jan 2009

iPHONE iPod touch Randgrid mobile techno studio!

The virtual synthesizer, drum machine and techno studio for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Randgrid lets you create music wherever you are. The interface is based on classic analog synthesizers, drum machines and sequencers.

go get Randgrid - mobile techno studio from iTunes HERE!

MPC2500 Music Production Centre...for sale!

The Akai Professional MPC2500 Music Production Center combines a 64-Track MIDI Sequencer with a 32-voice 16bit Stereo Digital Sampler. The MPC is a rock solid sequencing and drum programming machine with 16 velocity and pressure sensitive rubber pads. The unit allows you to sample more efficiently. This composition center is contained in one extremely powerful desktop unit.

More Details:
Designed for professional audio production, the MPC2500's intuitive and ergonomic interface makes it the ultimate user friendly composition studio. Please contact seller for more details.
*This product is only 12 months old, fully upgraded includes 128MB Ram Expansion (EXM128), CD ROM Installation Kit (including CD ROM Drive - CD-M25)
cost £1200 new this was an unwanted gift.

to bid for this awesome item go HERE!

YAMAHA RY20 and Kaossilator!

The Kaossilator programs used are: b49, a21, L00, a27, a23, c50 and P95.

20 Jan 2009

DIABOLICAL Modified TR707!

Circuit bent Roland TR707 drum machine with pitch controls, modified by Diabolical Devices/Class A Electronics.

19 Jan 2009

ALESIS SR16...for sale!

Alessis SR16 Drum Machine. Classic drum machine and still in production. Used only at home and in very good condition. Still In it's original packaging with the Users Manual. Originally £200 new.

go take a bid HERE!

CIRCUIT Bent Casio RZ-1 Hip-Hop Demo!

The following is a demo of a circuit bent Casio RZ-1. The Casio RZ-1 was an early sampling drum machine released in 1986, around the same time as the venerable SP12. Like the SP12, the RZ-1 samples in low-fi quality, giving it a distinct, crunchy sound.

The RZ-1 has a total of 0.8 seconds sampling time, which can be divided into 4 0.2 second banks, two 0.4 second banks, or one 0.8 bank. Banks 1/2 and 3/4 have their own faders and outputs respectively. Each built-in drum sound also has a designated fader and output (some, such as the closed and open hi-hat share the same output/fader).

This particular RZ-1 was circuit bent by Diabolical Devices. While it's not a feature I use often as a primarily Hip-Hop producer, it's always nice to have options.

For more information about the RZ-1 visit this link:

For more examples of circuit bent devices visit:

For more of alqahtani's own beats, mixes, videos, and more visit:

CASIO RZ1 with my mods TR909 DMX RY30!

This mod add three sound kits, Oberheim DMX, Roland TR 909 and Yamaha RY30.
The Casio RZ-1 was a drum machine manufactured and released by Casio in the 1986. It was one of the first drum machines to have an on-board editable sampled drum beat.
More info HERE!

WURLITZER Swingin' Rhythm Analog!

Vintage Wurlitzer Swingin' Rhythm Analog Drum Machine.

AKAI xr10!

like the xr20, but 80's.

18 Jan 2009

ATARI means...machine drum groove!

chiptune track `atari means death` from an artist called azop corp killer track

download it here


Preparatory drum'n bass studies using the TENORI-ON, Kaoss Pad, Kaossilator and various analog filters.

Material in this video:
- Korg Kaoss Pad 3
- Jomox M-Resonator
- MI Audio Pollyanna Octave
- Moog Low Pass Filter (MF-103)
- Space Echo (Boss RE-20) *not used here
- Korg Kaossilator
- Moog Analog Delay (MF-104SD)
- Electro Harmonix Chorus/Vibrato "The Clone Theory"
- Boss FV-500L (as expression pedal for LPF Resonance)
- Vestax PMC-05 Pro III


See also http://www.youtube.com/znshn

NATIVE Instruments New Groove Box!

Being Native Instruments this is of course much more than just another groove box. Josh Fielstra tells all about NI's new integrated controller, the Maschine, for more info go HERE!

16 Jan 2009

KORG padKontrol!

This is a first recording with the Korg padKontrol + Roland TD-10. I used to play an Akai MPD-24 pad controller, but just switched to this Korg padKontrol, because it responds better to soft touches. Some more information HERE!

M-AUDIO Trigger Finger!

This is an M-Audio Trigger Finger drumpad advertising video.

AKAI MPD24 demonstration!

Awesome little midi controller...here's some more vids of it!! nice!!

15 Jan 2009

CHEESY Casio Funk Beatmeister!

Bootsy in a box? Um, no, but this HT-700's a lot funkier now with the mods...please ignore my lame keyboard skills!

2 MEN a drum machine & a trumpet!

2 MEN A DRUM MACHINE & A TRUMPET - I'M TIRED OF BEING PUSHED AROUND, I'm Tired Of Getting Pushed Around (6:24) Label: I.R.S. Records, Format: Vinyl, 12", Country: US, Released: 1988, Genre: Electronic, Style: House, originally posted by rgntnolatino

CASIO HT700 programming the drum machine!

As u see it sounds pretty lame, but what to expect from 1988 simple casio synth? posted by mikedanous

14 Jan 2009

LINN DRUM LM2 Vintage...for sale!

This listing is for a Linn Drum LM-2 vintage drum machine. The unit is 100% functional and in very nice cosmetic shape. It will come in a custom flight case (which could use some new foam), with original manual and demo record. The unit has be well maintained and had only one other owner. Home studio use only.
to bid on this item click HERE!

TRINITY DAW Running Hydrogen!

Short video of the Trinity digital audio workstation running drum machine application Hydrogen-Drums. TB303(ish) type sounds programmed through Steven Harris plug-ins. Miami bass, planet rock style 131 BPM basic beat step recorded using the drum machine GUI.

INDAMIXX Advanced Session as a Sampler!

Indamixx - Advanced Session - Drum Machine as a Sampler Sequencer. Video tutorial on how to select samples to trigger as a sequencer / sampler. Sir Mixalot and Kid Sensation samples. Preview of Attack on the stars part 1.

13 Jan 2009

EKO Music Box 12 Vintage...for sale!

EKO Music Box 12 Vintage Drum Machine, Classic electronic keyboard drum loops - Waltz, Tango, March, Foxtrot, Swing, Slow Rock, Rock Pop, Soul, Samba, Bossa Nova, Cha Cha, Mambo....Good cosmetic condition, in working order. Fairly heavy so will be expensive to post, bid on this vintage piece of kit HERE!

BONTEMPI classic digital drum set!

Demo song. Headphones and adaptor sockets. Volume control. Power supply: 6 R14/C 1.5V batteries (not included) Follow the light learning system. 49 rhythms. 4 programmable percussion pads, each with guide light. 24 percussion sounds assignable to pads. Control of style tempo. 2 drumsticks included. Brand New in Box.

you wanna bid on this wicked little item?...click HERE!

GODFLESH "Cold World"....!

Title track from the 1991 EP

1. Cold World 05:27
2. Nihil 05:55
3. Nihil (Total Belief Mix) 05:37
4. Nihil (No Belief Mix) 05:36
Total playing time 22:35

Godflesh was an industrial metal band from Birmingham, England, formed in 1988 by Justin K. Broadrick (guitar, vocals, and programming) and G. C. Green (bass). The band is highly regarded as one of the pioneers of industrial metal. The group disbanded in 2002.

Inspired by Big Black, Killing Joke, Swans, and Throbbing Gristle as well as fellow Brummies Black Sabbath, Godflesh were among the pioneers of industrial metal. Their influence can be distinctly heard in bands such as Pitchshifter, Ministry, and Isis.

Godflesh is known for their unique mixture of industrial drum machine beats with droning, discordant guitar and powerful, intermittent bass. (On their earlier albums, the rhythms, synths, and samples are credited to "Machine" or "Machines". Later, Godflesh would make use of human drummers Bryan Mantia and Ted Parsons.) Their eerie, slow, and repetitive style is commonly described as "apocalyptic".

Broadrick's vocals are often guttural, making use of something akin to the death grunt technique, yet they also at times show a softer, more melodic side, as in "I Wasn't Born to Follow" from 1992's Pure. Godflesh lyrics are terse, cryptic, and bleak, often emphasizing duality or opposition, as illustrated by the opening lines of "Defeated" (from 2001's Hymns):

Everything I build I destroy
Everything I love always hurts
Everything I hate I'd rather love
Everything I am is everything I'm not
Paranoia and martyrdom are also common themes in Godflesh's music and cover art.

In 1982, Green founded Fall of Because (named after a Killing Joke song) with Paul Neville. Broadrick, who had been playing guitar as a member of Napalm Death, joined the group in mid-1985 as drummer and vocalist. The band fell apart in 1987. Broadrick then spent a couple of years (1986-1988) as a member of Head of David. In 1988, he contacted Green about reforming Fall of Because. Justin decided to take over on guitars and they chose to use a drum machine to help out. They also decided to change their name to Godflesh.

Godflesh established a presence in underground music with albums such as Streetcleaner and Pure, which demonstrated the effectiveness of lo-fi production values in heavy music. A brief flirtation with major label Columbia Records in 1994 for Selfless and the Merciless EP saw the duo take on a more high-end production approach. In 1996 Godflesh released Songs of Love and Hate, which featured the drumming of Bryan Mantia (Guns N' Roses, Primus, Praxis). The next album, 1999's Us and Them, saw the group experimenting with a more electronic, drum and bass-oriented sound in which the guitar played a less central role. In 2001 Godflesh released the double album retrospective In All Languages. That same year they released an album of new material, Hymns, which featured the precise drumming of new band member Ted Parsons (formerly of Swans and Prong) and brought the band back to its slow and heavy roots while retaining elements of its experiments with electronica.

Green left the band in late 2001. It was announced that he would be replaced by former Killing Joke and Prong bassist Paul Raven; however, Godflesh disbanded in 2002 when Broadrick suffered a nervous breakdown just before departing for a tour of the U.S. As a kind of parting gift, the group released a remastered version of their extremely rare 1994 EP Messiah, which was doubled in length with all new remixes. Broadrick and Parsons went on to form Jesu in 2003.

During its fourteen year lifespan Godflesh toured with numerous bands, including Danzig, Front Line Assembly, L7, Loop, Ministry, Napalm Death, Nirvana, Prong, Revolting Cocks, Skinny Puppy, Type O Negative and Strapping Young Lad.

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Industrial Metal Ministry Treponem Pal Doom Black Sabbath Killing Joke Swans Hardcore Justin Broadrick Earache

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9 Jan 2009

BEAT Blocks!

Beat Blocks is a tangible interface for a rhythm sequencer. The user is able to create and manipulate a 4-track drum loop by physically re-arranging wooden blocks within a 4x4 grid. More info at www.beatblocks.com

ROLAND TR626 Rhythm Composer...for sale!

Roland TR-626 - Vintage Drum Machine Boxed with Manuals Rhythm Composer with seperate outputs: Bass, Snare, Hats etc... This unit is in excellent order, boxed with Roland manuals. DC power supply(not included).

Polyphony - 8 voices
Sounds - 12 Bit samples of 30 plain old standard drum sounds
Controls - Individual tuning and level, tempo,
Patterns - 48 preset, 48 user
Songs - 6 Songs
Arpeg/Seq - Sequencer limited to 1/16th note steps
Keyboard - 16 drum tone pads
Control - MIDI

go take a bid on this classic machine HERE!

BIG FAT Drum Machine!

beta testing proof of concept...not a performance, just sequence, filter, and knob twiddling. Sounds incredible in real life... need to find a better camera mic.. video by shagghie

8 Jan 2009

ALESIS SR18 Pro machine...for sale!

Brand New Machine
Alesis SR18 Professional Drum Machine SR 18

The Alesis SR-18 (SR18) is a professional drum machine with integrated FX engine, battery operation and cutting-edge percussion sounds.

The legendary Alesis SR-16 ignited the drum-machine market in 1990 and has remained a classic ever since; the Alesis SR18 is designed to meet the demands of today's musicians. It follows in the tradition of its ancestor and is loaded with cutting-edge drum kits, electronic drums, hits and up-to-date percussion sounds for any modern drummer. From hip-hop to country and everything in-between, the SR18 has it covered.

The integrated effects engine includes Reverb, EQ and Compression for customising sounds to perfection. Since the Alesis SR-18 (SR18) can be powered by AC or batteries, it ensures that whenever you need to lay down a groove you're fully-equipped and ready to go.

Large, 32MB sound set with percussion bank and bass synth
Over 500 Drum and percussion sounds and 50 bass sounds
Built-in Effects- Reverb, EQ and Compression
Pattern Play Mode enables different patterns to be triggered from the pads directly
Mute/Solo Function for parts- Drums, Bass and Percussion and per pad within a bank
AC and Battery Power capability (6 AA's- not included)
32-voice polyphony
Backlit LCD
MIDI In and Out
Two Aux Outputs on TRS jack
Drum Roll function
Headphone output
Instrument Input (1/4")
100 Preset Patterns and 100 User Patterns
Tempo / Value dial
Footswitch control- Start/Stop and Count/A-B fill
12 Velocity Pads Dynamic Articulation
Tap Tempo for instant beats exactly as you want them

This is an Ebay auction if you wanna buy this monster go HERE!

WACKY organ synth drum machine thing!

This little gem of a machine was apparently met in hamburg by oliptimus

ROLAND TR808/909 Reason Refills 99p!

The Classic Roland Drum machines TR-808 & TR-909 refills for REASON at your fingertips, after the purchase an email will be sent to you, this will contain the TR-808 & TR-909 refills plus bonus software. This is Ebay auction if you want the refills go HERE!

7 Jan 2009

HISTORY....well a very quick version anyway!

A little video made by willioneblood for a midterm computer class. We had to pick a item of technology and make an I movie about it. I chose the Drum Machine.

BECK The Little Drum Machine Boy!

That's the holiday Hanukkah robot funk. I get down, I get down, I get down all the way. Hanukkah pimp! Hanukkah pimp! from Just Say Noel, released October 29, 1996.

LIVECAST Thank You For The Drum Machine!

A Live Cast presents Thank you for the drum machine live a Ponterotto - Montelupo Fiorentino 'I feel so better'.

6 Jan 2009

JOMOX Xbase888 Analog Brand New Sealed...for sale!

What do you mean you don't want one....everybody wants this awesome machine.....hahaha...you'll learn!!....here's more info about this monster....
Hoping to continue the grand tradition of unique and intuitive analog instruments, while at the same time extending their capabilities using the latest technologies, we are proud to introduce the JoMoX XBASE 888, our newest analog drum machine. It combines the ultimate vintage sound with a modern, intuitive interface for both modern studio and live requirements. There are several notable new features on the XBASE 888:
The kick drum and the tom toms now each have an adjustable pitch envelope and sound even phatter than before!
The analog noise parameter of the snare and hi hat can be "metal-ized" to create sounds extremely similar to vintage drum machines - and this is fully adjustable!

And, because it has no X-Filter, the XBASE 888 is more affordable than the 999.
But it still has an unbeatable sound, this little beauty!

· 9 Instruments
Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Lo Tom, Hi Tom, Hi Hat, Clap, Rim, Crash and Ride. All instruments are polyphonically playable and have individual outs. The bass drum, snare drum, lo tom and high tom are true analog circuits, and for the remainder of the sounds, the XBASE 888 uses short 8-bit samples, each routed through an analog envelope. The sample flash ROM contains 31 samples per instrument, so there's a total of 186 samples (The Hi Hat section contains 2 separate samples for Closed and Open HH).

· Real analog sound production
The BD, SD, LT and HT use true analog circuits with full digital control, which allows the storage of presets and full midi control of all parameters. To keep the analog circuitry as pristine as possible, all D/A converters are specially designed for and integrated into the circuits with proven XBASE/AirBase technology.

· 16 knobs
Sound editing is made by continuous rotary encoders for every analog parameter, allowing you to edit the sounds without jumps or awkward turning situations. Close to each knob there is a 3-color LED indicating which parameters are editable for the selected instrument.

· Improved kick drum
The most famous sound of the original XBase-09 was clearly the kick drum. Now, on the XBASE 888, that famed kick drum circuit adds an adjustable pitch envelope. With this added feature, the decay time constant is changed, and you can create 808-like slow pitch decays. Additionally, the new compression parameter is useful to morph between a 909-style ultra compressed envelope or an 808-ish exponential curve.

· Analog tom toms
The XBASE 888 also offers the extremely phat, punchy and widely editable analog tom toms as originally included on the AirBase99/JaZBase03/XBASE 999. However, now they each employ an adjustable pitch envelope.

· Internal step sequencer
The XBASE 888 also features the renowned JoMoX step sequencer, with some notable improvements: all patterns are A/B patterns, and you can now choose between having two alternating 16 step patterns or one 32 step pattern. The sequencer utilizes 3-color LEDs to indicate the individual step edit modes even better and more intuitively. The micro shuffle can now be edited for each instrument individually. Bank select now has its own switch. 4 banks with each 16 A/B patterns are now available, resulting in 128 actual 16 step patterns.

· Stereo mix with pan control
All instruments except for the kick drum can be panned in the stereo bus. If a cable is inserted into any individual output, the corresponding sound is removed from the stereo bus.

· External midi tracks
As on the XBASE 999, there are 4 tracks with which to control external devices by programmable midi notes, and the knobs on the XBASE can also send midi cc messages to your external devices.

· 2 LFOs
Of course the XBASE 888 retains two phat LFOs which can be clocked to tempo or run freely and which can be routed to any destination.

· Hi Hat filter
The Hi Hat section contains a great sounding analog band pass filter with independent lowpass, highpass and resonance controls. In addition to the 8-bit HH samples, analog noise can be the sound source as well.
New: instead of pure white noise you can now create a wide variety of "metal-ized" noise signals, tweakable by 2 parameters, which can be the source for the snare or hi hat.

· Large alphanumeric LCD display
For a more convenient and clear operation the XBASE 888 has a big alphanumerical LCD display with 2x24 characters. Kits can be named and the analog step sequencer has a bar display.

· Flash sound ROM
The sound flash memory in the percussion section (HH, Clap, Rim, Crash, Ride), which contains 31 samples per instrument, can be overwritten by the user via midi sample dump in order to create your own samples.

· Sample editor
We provide a free tool that converts your *.wav or *.AIFF samples into the properly formatted XBASE 888 structure and lets you dump your own short samples into the XBASE 888.

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CHEESE Beats MPC Open Labs miko tse performance!

Dallas Texas based producer "Cheese Beats" shows how he uses his MPC with his MiKo thru a template in the recording software "Reaper." Open Labs 5th Anniversary Webcast.

REAKTOR Drums....!

LOUD video demo of a drum machine I just made on my very old version of Reaktor. The Randomize module is used on the hi-hat and hi-Q parts and can be faded in and out for automatic IDM. Very pleased with one of my first Reaktor experiments.

5 Jan 2009

TOUCHSCREEN drum machine!

Touchscreen drum machine designed in reaktor by metrothegnome www.metrothegnome.com

TR505 circuit bent jam session....!

Latest phase of my circuit bent tr-505 project, a fast 'acid techno' jam/demo for my friends, finished mods on the analog unit, finished wiring the sequencer glitch board, finished the 505 'synth tones' board. Bouncey sub-bass is coming from the analog unit, digital synth tones are coming from the 505, amazing what you can do with a couple of crap drum machines and a lot of time.

MACHINEDRUM...777 live tweaking acid!

Just some acid foolery, focusing on using the machinedrum delay. recorded directly out of the machindrum into the videocam. the 777 is patched into the machinedrum input. plastikman inspired.

4 Jan 2009

MICROPAK Digital Beatboxes!

Four famous old-school digital drum machines are at your fingertips with Digital Beatboxes. Included in this Micropak are models of the Korg DDD1, Alesis HR-16, Kawai R-50 and the rare Soviet "Sound" drum machine.
Classic Drum Machines for the Modern DAW
Digital Beatboxes includes classic digital machines that helped define an era in hip-hop, rock and electronica. Now you can tap into these sounds and experience them in a modern production environment.
This Micropak includes the following drum machine replications:
Korg DDD-1
A programmable drum machine from 1986. Includes 18 drum sounds with a famous 12-bit crunch.
Alesis HR-16
One of Alesis's first drum machines manufactured in 1987. Includes over 40 unique drum and percussion sounds.
Kawai R50
Legendary 12-bit sound from 1988! Includes a selection of over 20 dirty drum and percussion sounds.
A very rare Soviet era drum machine manufactured by Zhitomir electronic factory in 1989. Includes sampled percussion sounds with a tightly compressed flavor.
Customized for Ableton Live
The Ableton Live version of Digital Beatboxes comes with over 60 drum loops and 18 individually customized drum kits. Each loop comes in Live Clip format facilitating maximum flexibility for beat production. All kits include customized Macros for easy editing along with unprocessed "classic" versions of each machine.
Customized for Kontakt and Logic
Digital Beatboxes for Kontakt and Logic comes with over 60 processed SIAL Apple Loops and a selection of customized kits. Drum programmers can also take advantage of the consolidated menu option for individualized sounds.
System Requirements
• Requires Ableton Live 7, Logic 8 or Kontakt 3
• 500 MB of physical RAM
• 70 Megabytes (MB) of free hard disk space

For more info, video sample & to buy go HERE!

ROLAND CompuRhythm CR-78 Demo!

Brief demo of some of the features on the Roland CR-78 drum machine. Mostly playing around with rhythm selections (incl. A/B variations), voice cancel, tempo, automatic fills, automatic fading, etc. And of course no CR-78 demo would be complete without playing "In the Air Tonight" and some Hall & Oates ("Kiss On My List"). The former uses the "Disco-2" rhythm with snare cancelled out; the latter uses "Rock-1" with automatic fill 7.

On a side note, I haven't found any permutation of rhythms to give the exact bass drum pattern on "In the Air Tonight". Maybe this is how Phil did it as well, but I just used the programming interface to make a custom rhythm with this bass drum pattern. Then I load this at the same time as "Disco-2" (these are the two yellow buttons pressed in the demo).

BDM Broken Plug-in from NUSofting...!

Here is an interesting plug-in. It's been available for PC for a few months but now that I can use it on my Mac it's worth a post here. It's a four channel drum machine plug-in that uses samples (PCM) and analog modeling. What's unique is the fact that this virtual machine has been "virtually" circuit bent!

You get four pads and individual outputs. Each pad allows the usual stuff like pitch, decay, tone, pain and volume. You also have chaos and chance sliders. Chaos sets is the amount of bending and chance sets how often chaos occurs.

Inspired by a combination of several old school beat boxes and the circuit-bending culture that revolves around cheap, and old, hardware musical instruments (such as the “toy†Casio and Yamaha keyboards of the 80s), Broken Drum Machine brings the lively, "ever changing", circuit-bent drum machine sounds to your DAW. - NUsoftting.com

You can use your own samples and even alter the GUI. When you do so you can save your changes in what NUsofting calls "Modpaks".

This plug-in is 35 euros/about $50. There's more audio samples, demo songs and a demo version of BDM at the NUsofting website click HERE!

original post HERE!

3 Jan 2009

ZIPPY'S homemade drumitar!

This Rock Band guitar controller was modified to activate the drum pads on a slightly-circuit-bent BOSS DR-110. They are connected via detachable Cat-5 cable.

It's not the best performance, I guess, but hey, this thing is brand new!
Other strange instruments and amazing music:

Eat your heart out, Futureman!!
(where did i get this ridiculous idea?)

MPC Live 2 man workout!

Over 5 mins of scottish pad pushin action on 2 mpc's....top top work chaps!!

JURASSIC 5 improv live!

The totally awesome Jurassic 5 did an improv drum machine piece, kinda weird, but cool...live at Manchester Academy, sound really aint great..but it gives the groove of this top performance, now don't you wish you were there....oh yeh!!

2 Jan 2009

MPC Live beatz by Egadz...!

www.djegadz.com This video is absolutely live, there are NO LOOPS or background tracks. All sounds are programed onto the buttons and played in real time. Filmed with a direct in to the camera, no cut aways. This is EGADZ's reinterpretation of "What We Are Destined To Do". Directed by Patrick Guera.....nice work!

TR808 Roland Hoodie...!

oh come on who doesn't want a TR 808 Hoodie then!?....well I don't but hey you might...;-)..so if this is an essential item for YOUR 2009 wardrobe...go HERE!

CLASSIC Roland TR626 rhythm composer...for sale!

Roland TR-626 - Vintage Drum Machine Boxed with Manuals
Rhythm Composer with seperate outputs: Bass, Snare, Hats etc... This unit is in excellent order, boxed with Roland manuals.
DC power supply(not included).

Polyphony - 8 voices
Sounds - 12 Bit samples of 30 plain old standard drum sounds
Controls - Individual tuning and level, tempo,
Patterns - 48 preset, 48 user
Songs - 6 Songs
Arpeg/Seq - Sequencer limited to 1/16th note steps
Keyboard - 16 drum tone pads
Control - MIDI

Wanna bid for this awesome little piece of history! go HERE!

1 Jan 2009

2009!....HAPPY NEW YEAR!

OK if you're reading this...first of all, thanks for visiting! I appreciate it!, The DruMachineBoy Blog is just a place where I put/follow drum machine links off the good ole't'internet.....why!?.......because I love drum machines...kinda obvious really!!! I've looked shedloads of times for a decent Drum Machine Blog and never found one...so I thought I'll do one mes'en and thats about it really!....new, old, ads, photo's...vintage, software, auctions...bla bla....hopefully its all here and if you visit, hopefully you'll find something here that floats yer boat!!....so anyway thanks for visiting, I really hope your 2009 totally rocks!! please visit again, follow and link to me...if you REALLY ARE a total DruMachineHead!!...rock on!! (Dean ;-)

PS: the very neat image above is from HERE!

BOSS Dr Rhythm DR550...for sale!

Boss Dr Rhythm DR-550 drum machine. Working condition, with original transformer and handbook. No reserve, pick up from Ely if you want to save on postage...the dr550 is a brilliant piece of kit if you wanna bid on this wicked item go HERE!

WURLITZER Sideman...aged photo heaven!

The Sideman was the first mass produced drum machine in the 50's and has AMAZINGLY crazy sounds, each sound having its own vacuum tube and the ability to dial in or out volume and 'umpf'. There are beats with use of a motor, belt, and rheostat (mambo, cha cha, etc) but the best part is the button board where you can play the sounds yourself. The sounds are weird and crumbly and great....very DEVO or Raymond Scott electronic era. All units are noisy with big ground noise but somehow that adds to the sound. I got this in a music store on the far west side of Chicago who thought it was broken. I bought it for $40 and brought it home and tightened one screw and it worked perfectly. I now have five of them. They come in different finishes, I have found, as well as with different grill clothes. I assume when you bought one new you were trying to most match the organ it was going to be the sideman to.


The BillaBoop is a new kind of drumming machine, it recognises sounds that you make like clapping a desk or clicking your fingers and then converts them into a proper drum noise.

BillaBoop has been developed by PhD student Amaury Hazan (students have so much fun) whose studying Machine Learning, Music Cognition and Audio Signal Processing. Which basically means he's pretty clever and has programmed the BillaBoop to learn the noises that you make which drive the drums.

You've probably got to watch the video to understand what this bit of software does...

More info HERE!