26 May 2020

M A C H I N E B O Y: The Delusional Engine OUT NOW!!

Our new splenditious 'Wonky'lektro'liceous' new album for our mad mad mad world is now available, its called 'The Delusional Engine' and its available from all the top streaming and downloading websites!, incl. Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, iTunes....etc etc! plus you can go git it from our bandcamp page....enjoy fine Lektro folk! Check out The Delusional Engine on BandCamp!

25 Apr 2020


Fuck'a'duck this is a weirdo I ain't seen one of these mutha's in a very long time!!!! its the bandmaster powerhouse!.....u can get yer mits on one at EBAY! and here's a YOUTUBE vid of the little beast!!
yowza if this don't get u creaming yer jeans....I dunno...just go & check out a geetar post or sumthin!!....anyway the TR66...as with most early Roland machines...is a complete monster and a complete work of ART to boot! and if you hate the sound you can always just sit and look at it all day!! which is highly likely what i would do with it! NOW THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT!!!........here it is on FLEEBAY!
DRM16's R ace!!.........EBAY!!

A lovely Yammy for sale!

oh gimme gimme gimme....deeeeeliceous!