28 May 2009


PLAYING JAM SX, original post by http://www.youtube.com/user/EUSKALRAVER

KORG electribe SX1...for sale!

The ELECTRIBE•SX represents a new generation of Electribes – powerful dance music products that cover everything from laying down stunning tracks to creating exhilarating live performances. Both come housed in a sleek, rugged metal chassis. The new backlit LCD provides a wealth of information during programming or performance.

The intuitive step-time/realtime interface has been enhanced with a new Ribbon and Slider control. Effects, Motion Sequencing, and Pattern length have all been expanded. A brand-new filter lets you chose Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass or Band Pass Plus.

Filter Demos

Up to 256 patterns can be created and stored to the internal memory. You can combine patterns, add mute data and knob movements to create up to 64 songs. To get you started, a wide assortment of patterns covering house, hip-hop, R&B, electronica, drum’n’bass, techno, trance and more come preloaded – 128 in the ELECTRIBE•SX. Using the last step function, you can easily adjust to any odd meter. Favorite patterns can be assigned to Pattern Sets for instant access. Data can be quickly saved and loaded via SmartMedia.

Audio inputs allow you to process external signals through the on-board filter and effects, and an extra pair of assignable outputs has been added as well. The front panel knobs and switches control all the most important sound parameters, allowing you to modify the sound in realtime as you perform, and giving you a hands-on feel like that of an analog synthesizer.

Sophisticated Sampling and Instant Dance Music Creation


TR808 Classic Beats on Korg Electribe SX part 1!

Recreations, again by ear, of some classic early 80s beats that were originally made on a Roland TR-808 drummachine. This became the signature sound for freestyle music and later for house.

No actual records were sampled. All sounds are from the 808, except the synth drum solos played on the ribbon controller. I noticed that some of the tracks actually used LinnDrum kicks *. Only the SX's internal effects and synthesis were used.

Mantronix - 808 Beats
Shannon - Let the Music Play
Freeez - IOU
Man Parrish - Hip Hop Bebop
GLOBE & Whiz Kid - Play that Beat Mr. DJ *
Nineteen - Paul Hardcastle *
C.O.D. - In the Bottle
Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing

original post by http://www.youtube.com/user/harlemnightsmusic

27 May 2009

CASIO RZ1 with mods TR909 DMX RY30!

This mod add three sound kits, Oberheim DMX, Roland TR 909 and Yamaha RY30.

The Casio RZ-1 was a drum machine manufactured and released by Casio in the 1986. It was one of the first drum machines to have an on-board editable sampled drum beat.
More info: http://www.sonicstate.com


Rare Casiotone MT-220 keyboard with built in drum pads, it is in excellent condition and fully working and comes complete with original box and manual


i808 Drum Machine for iPhone and iPod Touch!

i808 brings vintage hip hop drum machines to the iPhone in a fun, easy to use app. Make beats with 11 timeless drum machine instruments used in today's hip hop songs. Change patterns, beats, and options on the fly as you listen to your beat. Amateur beat makers will love the fun, dynamic live-play interface. Professionals will appreciate the exclusive cd quality (16 bit 44.1 kHz) samples taken from an original vintage analog drum machine in Blackout Labs' studios. Available now in The App Store:


26 May 2009

TRANS Drumulator Express - part II!

drumulator drum machine individual outputs through
sherman filter, Analogue Systems Reverb and OSCillator controlled by joystick.


Created in the wake of the Emulator sampler-synths, E-mu unleashed the Drumulator sample-based drum-machines. The Drumulator was E-mu's attempt at creating a rhythm machine like the Linn LM-1 that was better and cheaper. What they made wound up becoming a huge hit for E-mu. The Drumulator had eight drum sounds on a ROM microchip which were gritty, lo-fi 12-bit samples of basic drum sounds...but they were some classic sounds! The Drumulator II added sampling so you could bring in your own sounds. Samples could be truncated, looped, etc.

The Drumulator was primarily a drum machine, however, and offered sequencing that could be accomplished in real-time for a live feel. Or it could be meticulously programmed via step entry and edit modes. Up to 36 sequenced patterns can be stored, chained and mixed to create up to 8 songs. Your sequences and sample data can be stored to floppy diskettes. The Drumulator can be connected to an old computer (like an Apple II) for better visual sequencing and editing too. The Drumulator II went on to become the even better SP-12 drum machine. Drumulators have been used by various musicians, from Latinsizer, Howard Jones to Hardfloor.
text from http://www.vintagesynth.com


Up for auction we have an AKAI MPD24 midi pad controller. The unit is in mint condition as I only used it a couple of times. I am selling it with the original box, manual and inStallation CD as seen in the picture.

More info:
The MPD24 is a MIDI-over-USB pad controller for DJs, programmers, producers, and others musicians. Built around the controls from Akai Professional's industry-standard MPC series, the MPD24 is an expressive and intuitive instrument for the studio and stage.

The heart of the MPD24 is its bank of 16 velocity and pressure-sensitive MPC pads, an Akai Pro exclusive. You can access four different banks of sounds from the MPC pads for a total of 64 sounds at your fingertips. The MPD24 also borrows the MPC series' assignable Q-Link controllers, enabling you to control nearly any parameters in your software in real time. You get six assignable Q-Link faders and eight assignable Q-Link 360° knobs so you'll spend less time with the mouse and more time making music. The MPD24 also gives you a dedicated set of transport controls for instant access to the most commonly used DAW or sequencing-software controls.

The MPD24 sends MIDI information over its plug-and-play USB interface so you can use it with your Mac or PC without installing any drivers. The USB connection even powers the MPD24 so the included USB cable is all you need. It comes with a custom version of FXpansion's BFD Lite drum-studio software so you can start creating right out of the box. In addition to BFD Lite and nearly any other MIDI software, you can also drive any MIDI hardware, such as synths, sound modules, samplers, sequencers, drum machines, and more.

The MPD24 is a fully programmable production and performance instrument with the feel of an MPC's controls and the ease of MIDI over USB.


TRANS Drumulator Express part I!

drumulator drum machine individual outputs through
sherman filter, Analogue Systems Reverb and OSCillator controlled by joystick.


Created in the wake of the Emulator sampler-synths, E-mu unleashed the Drumulator sample-based drum-machines. The Drumulator was E-mu's attempt at creating a rhythm machine like the Linn LM-1 that was better and cheaper. What they made wound up becoming a huge hit for E-mu. The Drumulator had eight drum sounds on a ROM microchip which were gritty, lo-fi 12-bit samples of basic drum sounds...but they were some classic sounds! The Drumulator II added sampling so you could bring in your own sounds. Samples could be truncated, looped, etc.

The Drumulator was primarily a drum machine, however, and offered sequencing that could be accomplished in real-time for a live feel. Or it could be meticulously programmed via step entry and edit modes. Up to 36 sequenced patterns can be stored, chained and mixed to create up to 8 songs. Your sequences and sample data can be stored to floppy diskettes. The Drumulator can be connected to an old computer (like an Apple II) for better visual sequencing and editing too. The Drumulator II went on to become the even better SP-12 drum machine. Drumulators have been used by various musicians, from Latinsizer, Howard Jones to Hardfloor.
text from http://www.vintagesynth.com/

22 May 2009

MAKE Beautiful musac with the internet drum machine...ROCK ON!

hahahaha....this is a good one, go there bang out some beats and enjoy!! you may even think you are a proper musician...you know one of those people who sit at home playing guitar hero all day!....hehehehe....GO PLAY!

original post by http://www.geeksugar.com

RARE Wurlitzer Swingin' Rhythm EX....for sale!

Submitted here for your consideration is a very vintage drum machine that was manufactured by Wurlitzer. It was sold as an add on to go with some of the organs of the era. I am unsure of the exact date of manufacture, but would guess that it probably dates to the early to mid '70s. It measures roughly 4" tall x 7.5" wide x 9" deep.

All of the various rhythm patterns (Waltz, Latin, Foxtrot, Teen, March) work as they should and all the buttons (Drum, Brush, Snare, Block, Cymbal) operate also. The Drum button is supposed to be the bass drum. The cymbal button sound like a loosely closed hi-hat and the brush sound more like a tightly closed hi hat. Of course when I say "sound like" I use that term pretty loosely. This thing has the vintage, cheezy sound that is so sought after these days. More like thuds, clicks, and ka-cha than anything else.

The volume knob doubles as a push on/off switch and works fine. The amber lamp on the left side is the power indicator and the one on the right flashes with the beat of the rhythm. This is a mono unit and the available output is a single RCA jack on the rear panel. The cable that is included is male RCA to RCA and is about 5' long. It has been damaged and taped and can be easily replaced. The 110v power cord is in good shape. The Auxiliary multipin jack on the rear panel was probably to connect this to the control panel on a compatible Wurlitzer organ with th same controls located on the keyboard panel.


EKO RHYTHMAKER vintage drumbox!

playing around with an EKO Rhythmaker - an old, analog Italian drumbox from the seventies. It has a volume fader for each sound (there are 7 sounds and 7 sliders) and a SUSTAIN knob for all sounds together. original post by http://www.youtube.com/user/AnalogAudio1

21 May 2009

SWR Mini Mo Bass Pre Amp vs. Drum Machine!

I recorded an 80 measure drum pattern using the drums from a Roland SH-32. Mono out into the SWR Mini Mo. The SWR has killer analog distortion and a fat analog bass synth section that tracks your playing really well. That's a different story with the drums - so it ends up sounding like a dirty envelope follower. Obviously the Mini Mo was not intended to process drum loops - and that's the beauty of it!
original post by http://www.youtube.com/user/Analogger


Roland TR-505 Drum Machine, 80's Classic Drum and Percussion Sounds

With Box, no Power Supply In full working order, however it has missing back panel (see second pic) and a few scratches, hence low starting price.

Manual available for download from www.synthzone.com/midi/roland/tr505/manual.doc


ZEVIOg freestyle!

ORIGINAL POST BY http://www.youtube.com/user/onketamina

19 May 2009

MODIFIED Yamaha RX-21 circuit bent drum machine!

Modified Yamaha RX-21 circuit bent drum machine performed live. original post by http://www.youtube.com/user/anode8

YAMAHA rx21...for sale!

Up for auction - the classic and under-rated yamaha rx21. similar era as the 707 and 505 but unique sounding, and a great sequencer.
Fully working and in good, well looked after condition! comes with original manual and powers supply. check out my feedback to be sure of a well packed and promptly dispatched drum machine! good luck!



left is diy midi controller.

original post by http://www.youtube.com/user/e0032

18 May 2009

ELECTRONIC music...where did it all start?

Peter Zinovieff's pioneering work into the fields of electronic music production and research led to many innovative electronic music instrument developments that were outstanding for the time. Peter was fascinated by electronic music and used his financial resources to develop a huge voltage-controlled studio that occupied an entire room in his home premises. There was a time when EMS (Electronic Music Studios) stood as equal to Moog and Arp. In many ways, EMS was more advanced with several pioneering ideas being investigated. Peter used two PDP8 minicomputers in the late 1960s to control the voltage-controlled analogue modules for research into electronic music exploration. Twenty years before affordable computing and sequencing packages, Zinovieff's computers could store and replay compositions, complete with sound shaping parameters even inventing a form of spectral or additive synthesis. Excerpts are edited from the television documentaries "What the Future Sounded Like" and "The New Sound of Music" featuring the first public performance of music by a computer in the Queen Elizabeth Hall in 1967. The spirit of EMS continues, and Peter's synthesizer innovations like the VCS3 and Synthi 100 have become outstanding analogue classics.

original post by http://www.youtube.com/user/JeffreyPlaide

ROLAND GROOVEBOX MC303...for sale!

The Roland MC-303 Groovebox® is a self-contained, retro-styled sequencer and integrated sound module with some very high-tech features. Techno, jungle, hip-hop, acid and other dance styles can now be approached easily and creatively by dance music producers and other groove enthusiasts with little or no musical training.

448 dedicated dance sounds, 40 synth basses (TB-303, etc.), 35 synth leads, 33 synth pads 12 rhythm kits, including TR-808, TR-909, techno, jungle and house sets
Built-in vintage synth sounds and arpeggios, Preset and User dance patterns with 300 variations 16-part multitimbral with an 8-track sequencer containing multiple quantize functions: Grid, Shuffle and Groove Resonant filter, LFO, envelope control and built-in effects: delay, reverb, flanger and chorus Realtime Phrase Sequencer (RPS) for instant recall of musical phrases Low Boost feature
A great little drum machine filled with some amazing sounds and very tweakable. Got kick drums of death and snares of pain to put some ommphhh in your tracksNot original power supply but works just the same


MOOG Prodigy, Roland Jupiter4 & TR-606!

vintage synth demo by RetroSound
bassline: Moog Prodigy, through the EHX Small Stone phase shifter and triggered by the TR-606 drum-machine
lead/pads: Roland Jupiter-4;
drums: Roland TR-606;

more info: http://www.retrosound.de

15 May 2009

CIRCUIT bent glitch synth!

slightly larger than the "holiday synth" with drum machine keyboard and glitch circuit. it has two pitch pots for the drums and glitch, black keys act as function switches, two 3 position switches for four sirens, one 4 position switch for 3 rhythms, a soft reset for the glitch circuit, and 4 circuit bends to mix the 3 audio signals in different ways. has a 3.5mm line out and a decent little built in speaker.

original post by http://www.youtube.com/user/noystoise

ROLAND CR8000 Vintage....for sale!

THE GEAR GARAGE PRESENTS...Roland CR8000 Vintage Drum Machine

An extremely funky old piece of kit, ideal for kitsch sounds or even some dub Lee Perry style.

This is one of those items that has a ton of vibe and sounds...tres cool. It does of course lack the features of modern MIDI compatible gear and it does not have the range of control or assignable outputs but depending on what your project is about, it probably wont matter.

If your looking for slamming Hip Hop drum sounds or authentic live drums then forget it, thats not what the 8000 is famous for. If you like it loungier than leisure suit larry then this if for you.

Please note! At time of listing the CR is being serviced to restore it back to full health - currently some of the rhythm buttons and the start/stop button do not work. So if you buy or if you intend to buy, you may want to check on the progress first as shipping may be delayed due to this work - probably no more than a couple of weeks. This CR 8000 will be delivered FULLY FUNCTIONING! Or your money back.

Once it is fully serviced any new owner should be really pleased. Condition wise this CR is really pretty good. The white plastic has yellowed a little as you might expect, generally handling wear and tear but nothing broken or about to drop off.

If thats not enough it does have its original packing - although this is pretty well battered.

The mark of a classic piece of kit is how without compromise its the real deal, once you hear it you wont care about the lack of separate outputs or MIDI ins/outs - its a classic, collectable and inspirational piece of old drum machine technology.

Sold fully functional.


THE Alesis SR18!

I rushed these beats and the video. I was just too excited!
High Definition Stereo Multi-Sampled Drum Machine With Dynamic Articulation
These are the first beats I made with SR18 and i'm jamming over them. I just received the SR18 and i'm impressed. A steal for $300. This crappy video does not have very good sound quality but the SR18 sure does!

original post by http://www.youtube.com/user/rugerzandlugerz

14 May 2009

SEEBURG Select-A-Rhythm korg SQ10 & MS-20!

Modified Seeburg rhythm box playing a variation on each preset and sending a clock pulse out, which is processed by the MS-20 and sent to the SQ-10, which is sequencing the MS-20. Details on the Seeburg: http://ericarcher.net

RARE Seeburg Rhythm Prince Drum Synth...for sale!

You will not run across one of these very often. It's a vintage Seeburg Rhythm Prince - an early drum machine. First off, this works very well and is too cool.

Like a lot of folks, I like to test items before sale and also I like to see inside them to check for any obvious problems - and also to fix them if I can.

This unit worked, but had some old and certainly leaky capacitors in it. Out with all of them and in with new replacements.

This really an electrical and mechanical wonder. First, it has a motor which moves across a field of contacts at a speed set by the tempo control. there are a few dozen neon lamps which trigger to (I guess) give that percussive sound. This is quite a light show - It might be fun to mod this to make these visible during use.

So, with the new caps, the machine works very well with all the rhythms and you can adjust the volume and tempo with no problem. Pushing in the volume let's it keep going, but without sound.

There are two more neon indicators that are visible from the front panel - one is Power On and the other is the Beat indicator. These work too.

Included is a working power cord. The case covering shows wear as you can see, but is solid and all the hardware works.

Go ahead. Find a few more of these rare items - or just bid on this one! Thanks!


TONGUE Drum for iPhone!

(earsmack music) presents Tongue Drum for iPhone.

Tongue Drum is an iPhone native application modeled after a real tongue drum.

The original tongue drum was hand-crafted by Steve Roberts at TongueDrum.com. It was meticulously sampled and turned into a convenient iPhone application by (earsmack music) to allow the tongue drum enthusiast to have the sound of the tongue drum with them at all times.

The application contains rubber ball, waxed cork and waxed dowel mallets along with an added bonus analog synthesized mallet thanks to the Moog Voyager synthesizer.

Even beginners can easily create pleasant music on the tongue drum thanks to the E Pentatonic Major tuning. Other tunings are also available in the app for your enjoyment. Pick any tuning and any mallet then tap away to create wonderful polyphonic music on your very own tongue drum.

Love it and need the real deal? Contact steve@tonguedrum.com for information on ordering your very own Tongue Drum and exotic mallet set.

Visit http://earsmack.com/tonguedrum for more information

13 May 2009

MINI POPS SR120 Korg analog drum machine!

Here's a little walk through of the basic rhythms of an SR-120.
This machine has 10 fabulous analog drum sounds as opposed to 7 on the mini pops 7 (the one used by Jarre) and may be considered the flagship of the series. People say it's quite rare, but you can find them on ebay quite often anyway. The machine has 32 patterns. 10 patterns are available from the switches and can be combined in any way you want. if you are clever you can in theory push down all the buttons at once. The number of possible combinations are quite extensive. When the "Waltz" pattern is engaged any pattern which is combined with it will also be in triplets, which gives you an idea of the vast combination possibilities. The machine has a nice implementation of foot switch inputs which lets you control fade in/out, start/stop and fills/break. All in all this gives you hours of fun, and that incredibly sweet, inimitable retro drum sound which sits perfectly in almost any mix. Enjoy. :-)
original post by http://www.youtube.com/user/Dovinia

ROLAND R8 Human Rhythm Composer...for sale!

The R8 is a MIDI controllable drum machine. This unit was made in 1989 and is in good condition, complete with original manual and power supply.

The front panel has two sliders: 1 for master volume and 1 for data entry. It also features an LCD display and various small buttons for the various edit functions. There are larger buttons for manually triggering the sounds too.

The rear panel has individual and L/R audio outputs, together with headphone and MIDI In/Out/Thru sockets.

Further details of this unit's capabilities can be found on vintagesynth.com and full details in the online copy of the manual at the official Roland website.


BLURP mc202 dr110 & sh1!

Roland mc-202, sh-1, Boss dr-110, space echo re-201, msq-100, sequential circuits Prophet 600, alesis mmt-8, JH solina triple chorus, mackie 1604 vlz pro, ableton live. original post by http://www.youtube.com/user/synthdood

12 May 2009

SIMIAN Drum Scape #2 Drone, Noise Synth by Arius Blaze!

Created by Arius Blaze of folktek = folktek.com and ariusblaze.com...video one of three...This piece incorporates a wide range of textural sound scapes as well as straight analog drum synthesis...The synth is analog, the built in delay is digital.

drum synth rare analog folktek arius blaze circuit bent sound art drone
Simian Drum Scape #3=Drum, Drone, Noise Synth by Arius Blaze. original post by http://www.youtube.com/user/benpumpkin

BOSS DR GROOVE DR-202...for sale!


July 10, 1998 -- With the new DR-202 Dr. Groove, BOSS takes its popular programmable drum machine concept into the Groove Zone. This compact rhythm composer features 256 drum, percussion and bass sounds exclusively developed for groove music production--from Hip-Hop to Jungle, Drum 'n' Bass, Trip Hop, House, Latin and more. An intuitive onboard sequencer and realtime sound-shaping controls let groove musicians, remixers and DJ's create unique sounds and rhythms quickly and easily, while 400 Preset rhythm patterns gives them the grooves they need to get started.

The DR-202's massive waveform memory incorporates 24-voice polyphony, with its 207 drum and 49 bass samples arranged into 128 Preset drum kits. This collection ranges from classic Roland analog drum sounds like the TR-808 and TR-909 and Lo-Fi drum samples to squealing synths, vinyl sounds and phat synth basses, plus all the sound effects an aspiring Hip-Hop or Techno guru could ever want.

Alongside these fresh rhythm sounds reside more than 400 Preset patterns ready for instant triggering or for turning into new User patterns. From Hip-Hop and Drum & Bass to Acid Jazz and Latin, practically every genre of Groove music is represented in these Preset patterns--all with street-level authenticity thanks to their legitimate DJ and dance music programmers. The Hip-hop patterns alone, for example, include subdivisions like "Old School," "Slow Tempo," "Medium Tempo," "New Jack," "Trip Hop," "Jazzy," "Abstract," "East Coast," and "West Coast"--each with many variations.

With the user-friendly DR-202, putting the sounds together into new User patterns and songs couldn't be easier. Users can select the individual sounds or Preset drum kit and either record in realtime or via step sequencing. The DR-202's big pads make this easy, and a variety of quantization options--including (post) Groove quantize--help users add just the right rhythmic feel to their original patterns and breakbeats.

All rhythm sequencing is accomplished via the DR-202's built-in 3-track sequencer, which offers a 13-part drum track, a dedicated bass track, and an external source track for triggering external MIDI gear like samplers and other instruments (perfect for connecting to the affordable SP-202 Dr. Sample). Up to 20 complete songs can be stored in the DR-202's internal memory--more than enough memory for the typical DJ set.

The DR-202 includes a variety of realtime control knobs and features that make it great for on-the-spot sound tweaking and live performance applications as well. Cutoff, Resonance and Decay knobs can be used to shape global or individual drum and bass sounds as desired, while dedicated Reverb/Delay and Flanger knobs permit realtime effects control. A Rhythm Mute function allows for energy-building breaks and individual instrument drop outs, giving DJ's and live performers a great tool for dynamic rhythms.

The Tap Tempo control lets users tap along to the beat of records or live music and have the DR-202 instantly match the tapped tempo, while its Low Boost/Cut control allows for dialing-in just the right amount of floor-pounding low-end. The DR-202 also offers a helpful Roll button for triggering one of 68 pre-programmed drum rolls--great for Drum & Bass programming.

Other helpful extras include the ability to use the DR-202 as a dedicated battery-powered 24-voice MIDI sound module and the ability to send DR-202 control changes via MIDI. In all, these features make the DR-202 Dr. Groove the perfect compact drum machine for defining a unique vision of groove music.


CIRCUIT Bent Casio SA 5 Mutation Redux Alpha!

This glitch machine is a Circuit Bent Casio SA-5. It's my spin on a Reed Ghazala Alaetron. The bends are straight outta Reed's "Circuit Bending" book.I even gave it a Ghazala-esque paint job with silver and gold keys and a silver marbling effect on the rest. Homage to the master. original post by http://www.youtube.com/user/Squelchbox

11 May 2009

CIRCUIT Bent Kawai R-50!

Kawai R-50 drum machine with added patchbay, and switches, programmed and tweaked live. original post by http://www.youtube.com/user/anode8

KAWAI R100 Vintage with expansion chip...for sale!

KAWAI R-100 Drum Machine
This is a RAW sounding drum machine. Dates 1985 and has alot of fans who like its particularly slamming, take no prisoners sound. Its best suited to musicians who are going to appreciate that Oberheim DMX kind of tone and who are prepared to work with a less intuitive programming interface compared to modern standards.

That said in the right hands this is an awsome instrument and we urge you to check out this link matrixsynth.blogspot.com/2008/04/kawai-r100.html

You'll find an MP3 of it in full flow.
Included with this lot is a second chip and chip remover for switching to a different sound set.

This is a classic 29 year old drum machine and its had a fair amount of use but everything works properly and the condition is pretty good. All switches, leds and even the backlight still function. Some marking in keeping with age.


KAWAI Drum Machine Sessions!

R-50,r-50e and R-100 Kawai drum machines. original post by http://www.youtube.com/user/electro303

8 May 2009

HOW does the Soundmaster disco beat sound?!

A very short and instructional film of how the Soundmaster disco beat drum machine looks and sounds. For more infor on this and other drummachines please check out www.roth-handle.nu

SOUND MASTER SR-88 vintage drum machine....for sale!

Vintage drum machine, boxed with original manuals. Comes with UK 230V power supply. Item is in good condition and in full working order. Please see my other auctions for other items you might be interested in. For more information check this link http://www.sonicstate.com/synth/soundmaster_sr88.cfm Please see my other auctions for other items you might be interested in.


MACHINEDRUM idm with juno 106!

messing around with machine drum triggering juno 106. DCO's on the juno? still sounds beautiful to me! original post by http://www.youtube.com/user/909techno

7 May 2009

ELGAM match 7c rhythm machine...for sale!

Hi,this elgam rhythm machine is in pretty much mint condition and works perfectly,on the photo's one of the buttons is missing but i have it and have put it back on the machine.It was made in italy,and still has the original price on the bottom when bought from wolverhampton organ and piano centre of £75,a lot of money in those days!!Any questions please e-mail or phone me on 07951782592,cheers.


OLSON drum machine #3!

I had a period during the Andreas & jag days when I became slightly obsessed with the idea of getting autokomp drum machines. The older the better. And I used them on a lot of stuff.
Here are some examples of an old american Olson drum machine. This is some sort of snappy latin thing.
For more info and pics please go to www.roth-handle.nu

ABLETON drum machines!

Drum Machines offers a choice selection of classic drum machines, meticulously sampled to faithfully reproduce the original sounds. Drum Machines is easily tweaked with cleverly mapped controls, allowing users to experiment with the inner workings of the instrument and adjust to taste. check them out HERE!

6 May 2009

NAMM 2009 Diabolical Devices TR-707!

Who would have thought that twenty-some years later the Roland TR-707 would be back at the NAMM show? We're guessing nobody did until they saw the Diabolical Devices circuit mangled TR-707 at the Big City Music booth.

The Diabolical 707 has a pitch control for every sound, various distortion and bit-squashing bends, plus a patch bay. The 707's patch bay can interact with other things like the Diabolical Devices circuit bent SK-1 or any of your CV-able gear. The great thing is that the original 707 sounds are still intact and can be completely brought back to stock. You can use it as a MIDI module too!

Stay tuned for more demos from Sherman, Dirty Boy Pedals, Signal Arts and more.

original post by http://www.youtube.com/user/bigcitymusic

TR707 drum machine....for sale!

you are bidding on my trusty tr707 drum machine.
machine is in decent condition cosmetically, few marks on it but it is old.
all sliders and sockets work perfectly.
only thing wrong is the power socket. when i got hold of this machine the previous owner had hardwired a psu into it. presumably the original socket got damaged. either way it works absolutly perfectly.
grab yourself a piece of drum machine history, the machine behind many a dance track!
im expecting postage to be around 10 pounds in uk.
im also happy to have the item collected.
good luck!


TR707 Rhythm Composer by RetroSound!

vintage drum machine demo by RetroSound
Roland TR-707 from 1985
15 sounds (kick 1, kick 2, snare 1, snare 2, low tom, mid tom, high tom, rim-shot, cow bell, hand clap, tambourine, open and closed high-hat, crash/ ride cymbals)
more info: http://www.retrosound.de and

5 May 2009

WACKY organ synth drum machine thing!

I met this machine in hamburg. original post by http://www.youtube.com/user/oliptimus

OBERHEIM DX, Classic Excellent Condition...for sale!

Anyone who knows about electronic music will be familiar with this legendary piece of kit. This Oberheim DX is in excellent condition cosmetically and functionally. 100 Percent no problems. A fine example, it would be hard to find a better one.
The sound chips are interchangeable and this example comes supplied with rare additional sounds on 6 EPROM chips.


THE Original SP1200 Drum Machine Proto Type!

Demo of this o.g. test unit from the bay area ca. home of Emu systems the creator of the Hip Hop Icon Classic SP1200. original post by http://www.youtube.com/user/wdb2g

4 May 2009

MODIFIED Yamaha RX-21 circuit bent!

Modified Yamaha RX-21 circuit bent drum machine performed live. original post by http://www.youtube.com/user/anode8


This is TRUE TR808 and TR909 emulation. This is the same thing internally as the 808/909. No samples, kids. This is the REAL thing. Fat Analog Heaven. For about $600-$700 US you can get an 808 and 909 with full MIDI implementation as well as a MIDI/SYNC converter--thats approximately $1000 less than buying the originals without MIDI. (If you bought a real 808 & 909, MIDIed them, and bought a SYNC converter, the minimum price would be $2100, I call that a deal.

FREE online drum machine @ jamspace.com!

DrumBox is a web based drum machine that features a drag and drop interface and creates standard MIDI files. This is a quick walk through the features to get you started.
This is a work in progress, so some features have been added since recording this tutorial:
-Imports drum tracks from standard MIDI files so you can edit and save your changes.
-Some additional editing commands to crop, clip and insert - more to come!
I hope this is a fun and useful tool for musicians, let's build a nice collection of original and creative drum tracks! And *please* report any problems so we can fix them :)

1 May 2009

HOW TO Use a MPC Creating Bass Lines on a Drum Machine!

Use bass lines to beef up a hip-hop or rap beat you made with an Akai MPC 2000XL drum machine; learn how with tips from our professional disc jockey in this free DJ music video lesson.
Expert: Amir Tauheed
Contact: www.myspace.com/precisionaudio
Bio: Amir Tauheed has been working in music production for over 7 years and is co-owner of Precision Audio Productions.
Filmmaker: Antar Hanif
original post by http://www.youtube.com/user/expertvillage

ALESIS HR16 Vintage...for sale!

Alesis HR-16 Drum Machine
This is a great vintage drum machine in awesome condition.
The only issues;
there's a small amount of writing; "JHULL" on the side of the unit, otherwise cosmetically fine.
the "selector" fader feels a little tough.
I don't have the power supply, but it's a standard 9volt one, so easily replaceable.
That's it! It's served me well through the years.

99p start, low reserve! TAKE A BID HERE!

MC303 mis-use stepsequencing the groovebox!

I used the mc303 to step edit some drums. Nothing special or out of the ordinary. BUT I didn't use the internal sounds. All the drums you hear are samples in the Ableton Drum Rack, all the drum mutes are performed from the MC303 and no audio cable was plugged into the MC303.

Why would someone do this?
I dunno. It makes for a great looking midi-controller, and in fact it's a sequencing midi-controller. Ideal for live use.
Imagine a sequencer triggering a synthesizer (MPC triggering Virus or something), and you want to be able to change the drums while the MPC keeps sequencing the virus. But you hate the sound of the MC303. Then you just assign the midi from the MC303 to a program on the MPC with cool drums, and you switch around on the MC303...

That's gotta make sense right? original post by http://www.youtube.com/user/se7ense7