12 May 2009

BOSS DR GROOVE DR-202...for sale!


July 10, 1998 -- With the new DR-202 Dr. Groove, BOSS takes its popular programmable drum machine concept into the Groove Zone. This compact rhythm composer features 256 drum, percussion and bass sounds exclusively developed for groove music production--from Hip-Hop to Jungle, Drum 'n' Bass, Trip Hop, House, Latin and more. An intuitive onboard sequencer and realtime sound-shaping controls let groove musicians, remixers and DJ's create unique sounds and rhythms quickly and easily, while 400 Preset rhythm patterns gives them the grooves they need to get started.

The DR-202's massive waveform memory incorporates 24-voice polyphony, with its 207 drum and 49 bass samples arranged into 128 Preset drum kits. This collection ranges from classic Roland analog drum sounds like the TR-808 and TR-909 and Lo-Fi drum samples to squealing synths, vinyl sounds and phat synth basses, plus all the sound effects an aspiring Hip-Hop or Techno guru could ever want.

Alongside these fresh rhythm sounds reside more than 400 Preset patterns ready for instant triggering or for turning into new User patterns. From Hip-Hop and Drum & Bass to Acid Jazz and Latin, practically every genre of Groove music is represented in these Preset patterns--all with street-level authenticity thanks to their legitimate DJ and dance music programmers. The Hip-hop patterns alone, for example, include subdivisions like "Old School," "Slow Tempo," "Medium Tempo," "New Jack," "Trip Hop," "Jazzy," "Abstract," "East Coast," and "West Coast"--each with many variations.

With the user-friendly DR-202, putting the sounds together into new User patterns and songs couldn't be easier. Users can select the individual sounds or Preset drum kit and either record in realtime or via step sequencing. The DR-202's big pads make this easy, and a variety of quantization options--including (post) Groove quantize--help users add just the right rhythmic feel to their original patterns and breakbeats.

All rhythm sequencing is accomplished via the DR-202's built-in 3-track sequencer, which offers a 13-part drum track, a dedicated bass track, and an external source track for triggering external MIDI gear like samplers and other instruments (perfect for connecting to the affordable SP-202 Dr. Sample). Up to 20 complete songs can be stored in the DR-202's internal memory--more than enough memory for the typical DJ set.

The DR-202 includes a variety of realtime control knobs and features that make it great for on-the-spot sound tweaking and live performance applications as well. Cutoff, Resonance and Decay knobs can be used to shape global or individual drum and bass sounds as desired, while dedicated Reverb/Delay and Flanger knobs permit realtime effects control. A Rhythm Mute function allows for energy-building breaks and individual instrument drop outs, giving DJ's and live performers a great tool for dynamic rhythms.

The Tap Tempo control lets users tap along to the beat of records or live music and have the DR-202 instantly match the tapped tempo, while its Low Boost/Cut control allows for dialing-in just the right amount of floor-pounding low-end. The DR-202 also offers a helpful Roll button for triggering one of 68 pre-programmed drum rolls--great for Drum & Bass programming.

Other helpful extras include the ability to use the DR-202 as a dedicated battery-powered 24-voice MIDI sound module and the ability to send DR-202 control changes via MIDI. In all, these features make the DR-202 Dr. Groove the perfect compact drum machine for defining a unique vision of groove music.


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