14 May 2009

RARE Seeburg Rhythm Prince Drum Synth...for sale!

You will not run across one of these very often. It's a vintage Seeburg Rhythm Prince - an early drum machine. First off, this works very well and is too cool.

Like a lot of folks, I like to test items before sale and also I like to see inside them to check for any obvious problems - and also to fix them if I can.

This unit worked, but had some old and certainly leaky capacitors in it. Out with all of them and in with new replacements.

This really an electrical and mechanical wonder. First, it has a motor which moves across a field of contacts at a speed set by the tempo control. there are a few dozen neon lamps which trigger to (I guess) give that percussive sound. This is quite a light show - It might be fun to mod this to make these visible during use.

So, with the new caps, the machine works very well with all the rhythms and you can adjust the volume and tempo with no problem. Pushing in the volume let's it keep going, but without sound.

There are two more neon indicators that are visible from the front panel - one is Power On and the other is the Beat indicator. These work too.

Included is a working power cord. The case covering shows wear as you can see, but is solid and all the hardware works.

Go ahead. Find a few more of these rare items - or just bid on this one! Thanks!


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