14 May 2009

TONGUE Drum for iPhone!

(earsmack music) presents Tongue Drum for iPhone.

Tongue Drum is an iPhone native application modeled after a real tongue drum.

The original tongue drum was hand-crafted by Steve Roberts at TongueDrum.com. It was meticulously sampled and turned into a convenient iPhone application by (earsmack music) to allow the tongue drum enthusiast to have the sound of the tongue drum with them at all times.

The application contains rubber ball, waxed cork and waxed dowel mallets along with an added bonus analog synthesized mallet thanks to the Moog Voyager synthesizer.

Even beginners can easily create pleasant music on the tongue drum thanks to the E Pentatonic Major tuning. Other tunings are also available in the app for your enjoyment. Pick any tuning and any mallet then tap away to create wonderful polyphonic music on your very own tongue drum.

Love it and need the real deal? Contact steve@tonguedrum.com for information on ordering your very own Tongue Drum and exotic mallet set.

Visit http://earsmack.com/tonguedrum for more information

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