22 May 2009

RARE Wurlitzer Swingin' Rhythm EX....for sale!

Submitted here for your consideration is a very vintage drum machine that was manufactured by Wurlitzer. It was sold as an add on to go with some of the organs of the era. I am unsure of the exact date of manufacture, but would guess that it probably dates to the early to mid '70s. It measures roughly 4" tall x 7.5" wide x 9" deep.

All of the various rhythm patterns (Waltz, Latin, Foxtrot, Teen, March) work as they should and all the buttons (Drum, Brush, Snare, Block, Cymbal) operate also. The Drum button is supposed to be the bass drum. The cymbal button sound like a loosely closed hi-hat and the brush sound more like a tightly closed hi hat. Of course when I say "sound like" I use that term pretty loosely. This thing has the vintage, cheezy sound that is so sought after these days. More like thuds, clicks, and ka-cha than anything else.

The volume knob doubles as a push on/off switch and works fine. The amber lamp on the left side is the power indicator and the one on the right flashes with the beat of the rhythm. This is a mono unit and the available output is a single RCA jack on the rear panel. The cable that is included is male RCA to RCA and is about 5' long. It has been damaged and taped and can be easily replaced. The 110v power cord is in good shape. The Auxiliary multipin jack on the rear panel was probably to connect this to the control panel on a compatible Wurlitzer organ with th same controls located on the keyboard panel.


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