1 Dec 2012

ROLAND CR800 for sale!.....DROOOOL!

NOW this is a total classic....here's some info from the seller!
Roland CompuRhythm CR-8000 Drum Machine.

Lots of info on the net and YouTube about this classic drum machine.

Seen by some as a bridge between the CR-78 and TR-808 - having owned all of these I would say the CR-8000 has the preset patterns in the style of the 78 and the sounds in the style of the 808.

It's programmable too, of course, with din-sync in/out and variable trigger out on 1/4".

You'll notice that there's two buttons missing in the 'add voice' section - these are for adding pre-programmed cymbals on every beat or semi-quaver. I _never_ wanted that facility but your mileage may vary, of course. The cymbals themselves still work perfectly where pre-programmed or indeed programmed by the user.

All the other buttons work - a genuine few are a little temperamental sometimes but nothing that prevents using this fine machine to it's full.

I have the service and owners manual for the CR-8000 and (I think) some spare buttons which I haven't been able to find yet. Assume they're (the buttons) NOT included but I'll look again and happily include them if successful.

Typical Roland quality and a great addition to any studio - they literally don't make them like this anymore and can't be replaced by samples - many have tried and failed.