23 Jan 2022


The new Ltd Edition Machine Boy 'Integrated Machineisms' CD in a smart Digipak, is now available at Bandcamp, its full of wonky retro electronic grooves and lotsa my tribute art by for one of my fave artists the legend Keith Haring, only 50 available you can grab a copy at http://machineboy.bandcamp.com/album/integrated-machineisms

26 May 2020

M A C H I N E B O Y: The Delusional Engine OUT NOW!!

Our new splenditious 'Wonky'lektro'liceous' new album for our mad mad mad world is now available, its called 'The Delusional Engine' and its available from all the top streaming and downloading websites!, incl. Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, iTunes....etc etc! plus you can go git it from our bandcamp page....enjoy fine Lektro folk! Check out The Delusional Engine on BandCamp!

25 Apr 2020


Fuck'a'duck this is a weirdo I ain't seen one of these mutha's in a very long time!!!! its the bandmaster powerhouse!.....u can get yer mits on one at EBAY! and here's a YOUTUBE vid of the little beast!!
yowza if this don't get u creaming yer jeans....I dunno...just go & check out a geetar post or sumthin!!....anyway the TR66...as with most early Roland machines...is a complete monster and a complete work of ART to boot! and if you hate the sound you can always just sit and look at it all day!! which is highly likely what i would do with it! NOW THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT!!!........here it is on FLEEBAY!
DRM16's R ace!!.........EBAY!!

A lovely Yammy for sale!

oh gimme gimme gimme....deeeeeliceous!


22 Jun 2019

Machine Boy Tiny Spying Robots Album!

OUT SOON our new album Tiny Spying Robots, thru all the big downloaders n streamers incl. itunes, spotify, amazon etc etc....ace!!

22 Jun 2013

OUR dinky little new bunch of drum machine boy madness!

the latest DruMachineBoy (in Machine Boy'Mode) album is available now from all top download & streaming sites, its called 'The Voice Box" and it includes lotsa wonky Machine Boy'ised crazy ass drum machine goodness with lotsa deliceous roobot'ised electro vocalisation in Machine Boy'land from the last cupla years!!....phew!!!...ACE'A'MUNDO!

18 Jan 2013

UNIVOX SR55 for sale!!!

Another Univox classic machine, here's some info from the ebay seller...

Univox SR-55, Drum Machine, Preset Patterns, Vintage Unit
Made in Japan
Unit is Tested and Functions Well

Please take a look at the photos for physical condition. Functional condition is described above. All items are tested to our ability prior to listing and retested again at the end of auction prior to packing and shipping. Please keep in mind most units are complicated and not all functions are tested. Also, most are older units and may need their pots and buttons sprayed or cleaned. All sales are as is and final, no returns, no refunds. If you experience a problem please contact us to resolve any issues.