25 Apr 2020


Fuck'a'duck this is a weirdo I ain't seen one of these mutha's in a very long time!!!! its the bandmaster powerhouse!.....u can get yer mits on one at EBAY! and here's a YOUTUBE vid of the little beast!!
yowza if this don't get u creaming yer jeans....I dunno...just go & check out a geetar post or sumthin!!....anyway the TR66...as with most early Roland machines...is a complete monster and a complete work of ART to boot! and if you hate the sound you can always just sit and look at it all day!! which is highly likely what i would do with it! NOW THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT!!!........here it is on FLEEBAY!
DRM16's R ace!!.........EBAY!!

A lovely Yammy for sale!

oh gimme gimme gimme....deeeeeliceous!