1 May 2009

MC303 mis-use stepsequencing the groovebox!

I used the mc303 to step edit some drums. Nothing special or out of the ordinary. BUT I didn't use the internal sounds. All the drums you hear are samples in the Ableton Drum Rack, all the drum mutes are performed from the MC303 and no audio cable was plugged into the MC303.

Why would someone do this?
I dunno. It makes for a great looking midi-controller, and in fact it's a sequencing midi-controller. Ideal for live use.
Imagine a sequencer triggering a synthesizer (MPC triggering Virus or something), and you want to be able to change the drums while the MPC keeps sequencing the virus. But you hate the sound of the MC303. Then you just assign the midi from the MC303 to a program on the MPC with cool drums, and you switch around on the MC303...

That's gotta make sense right? original post by http://www.youtube.com/user/se7ense7

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