13 May 2009

MINI POPS SR120 Korg analog drum machine!

Here's a little walk through of the basic rhythms of an SR-120.
This machine has 10 fabulous analog drum sounds as opposed to 7 on the mini pops 7 (the one used by Jarre) and may be considered the flagship of the series. People say it's quite rare, but you can find them on ebay quite often anyway. The machine has 32 patterns. 10 patterns are available from the switches and can be combined in any way you want. if you are clever you can in theory push down all the buttons at once. The number of possible combinations are quite extensive. When the "Waltz" pattern is engaged any pattern which is combined with it will also be in triplets, which gives you an idea of the vast combination possibilities. The machine has a nice implementation of foot switch inputs which lets you control fade in/out, start/stop and fills/break. All in all this gives you hours of fun, and that incredibly sweet, inimitable retro drum sound which sits perfectly in almost any mix. Enjoy. :-)
original post by http://www.youtube.com/user/Dovinia

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