15 May 2009

ROLAND CR8000 Vintage....for sale!

THE GEAR GARAGE PRESENTS...Roland CR8000 Vintage Drum Machine

An extremely funky old piece of kit, ideal for kitsch sounds or even some dub Lee Perry style.

This is one of those items that has a ton of vibe and sounds...tres cool. It does of course lack the features of modern MIDI compatible gear and it does not have the range of control or assignable outputs but depending on what your project is about, it probably wont matter.

If your looking for slamming Hip Hop drum sounds or authentic live drums then forget it, thats not what the 8000 is famous for. If you like it loungier than leisure suit larry then this if for you.

Please note! At time of listing the CR is being serviced to restore it back to full health - currently some of the rhythm buttons and the start/stop button do not work. So if you buy or if you intend to buy, you may want to check on the progress first as shipping may be delayed due to this work - probably no more than a couple of weeks. This CR 8000 will be delivered FULLY FUNCTIONING! Or your money back.

Once it is fully serviced any new owner should be really pleased. Condition wise this CR is really pretty good. The white plastic has yellowed a little as you might expect, generally handling wear and tear but nothing broken or about to drop off.

If thats not enough it does have its original packing - although this is pretty well battered.

The mark of a classic piece of kit is how without compromise its the real deal, once you hear it you wont care about the lack of separate outputs or MIDI ins/outs - its a classic, collectable and inspirational piece of old drum machine technology.

Sold fully functional.


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