19 Jan 2009

CIRCUIT Bent Casio RZ-1 Hip-Hop Demo!

The following is a demo of a circuit bent Casio RZ-1. The Casio RZ-1 was an early sampling drum machine released in 1986, around the same time as the venerable SP12. Like the SP12, the RZ-1 samples in low-fi quality, giving it a distinct, crunchy sound.

The RZ-1 has a total of 0.8 seconds sampling time, which can be divided into 4 0.2 second banks, two 0.4 second banks, or one 0.8 bank. Banks 1/2 and 3/4 have their own faders and outputs respectively. Each built-in drum sound also has a designated fader and output (some, such as the closed and open hi-hat share the same output/fader).

This particular RZ-1 was circuit bent by Diabolical Devices. While it's not a feature I use often as a primarily Hip-Hop producer, it's always nice to have options.

For more information about the RZ-1 visit this link:

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