4 Jan 2009

BDM Broken Plug-in from NUSofting...!

Here is an interesting plug-in. It's been available for PC for a few months but now that I can use it on my Mac it's worth a post here. It's a four channel drum machine plug-in that uses samples (PCM) and analog modeling. What's unique is the fact that this virtual machine has been "virtually" circuit bent!

You get four pads and individual outputs. Each pad allows the usual stuff like pitch, decay, tone, pain and volume. You also have chaos and chance sliders. Chaos sets is the amount of bending and chance sets how often chaos occurs.

Inspired by a combination of several old school beat boxes and the circuit-bending culture that revolves around cheap, and old, hardware musical instruments (such as the “toy†Casio and Yamaha keyboards of the 80s), Broken Drum Machine brings the lively, "ever changing", circuit-bent drum machine sounds to your DAW. - NUsoftting.com

You can use your own samples and even alter the GUI. When you do so you can save your changes in what NUsofting calls "Modpaks".

This plug-in is 35 euros/about $50. There's more audio samples, demo songs and a demo version of BDM at the NUsofting website click HERE!

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