27 Jan 2009

BEATBOX kaoss!

beatbox kaoss info
just a test jam to hear what its like probably pretty crap but its just a test is about 80% complete just a few things to fix on the visual side of the sequencer
heres a list of stuff it does now and what controls it in pad mode and extr control mode

the x y pad 8x8 grid triggers the the 8 sampler modules 3 which i replaced with sample loopers swing which is controlled with the fx depth knob
a button scrolls down the 8 sampler triggers b button enables the pad trigger to input to the seq or use the hold button the c button reverses the audio and the lights in the kaoss pad the d sample button controls the fill roll
which u can alter with the shift control using the fx release slider

EXTERNAL CONTROL mode i use the 8 horizontal faders

the 8 buttons i use for muting tracks the faders 1 2 and 3 control where in sample loopers 6 7 and 8 where to play the fx depth is a master control for the length of the sampler 6 7 n 8 fader 4 is controlling a weird zip type thing dont know
sounds good somtimes

button a is forward motion
button b is backward
button c is a cutter
fader 5 controls the speed of the cut
fader 6 alters that
d button starts the 2 pitch sequencers that alters the pitch
of tracks 6 7 and 8 using faders 7 and 8
the hold button triggers the audio looper
the fx release alters the timing but if u jam with it a bit it starts to cut itself up into jacking style beats quite funky

the sounds in the vid are just a couple of drum hit kits in the loopers its just a kit of crappy disco shit and old rave tape samples i made for tim exile keymasher micro which i tried to nick some bits from but ma machine was having none of it
and made me build my own bits for it. the fcuker .

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