4 Jan 2009

ROLAND CompuRhythm CR-78 Demo!

Brief demo of some of the features on the Roland CR-78 drum machine. Mostly playing around with rhythm selections (incl. A/B variations), voice cancel, tempo, automatic fills, automatic fading, etc. And of course no CR-78 demo would be complete without playing "In the Air Tonight" and some Hall & Oates ("Kiss On My List"). The former uses the "Disco-2" rhythm with snare cancelled out; the latter uses "Rock-1" with automatic fill 7.

On a side note, I haven't found any permutation of rhythms to give the exact bass drum pattern on "In the Air Tonight". Maybe this is how Phil did it as well, but I just used the programming interface to make a custom rhythm with this bass drum pattern. Then I load this at the same time as "Disco-2" (these are the two yellow buttons pressed in the demo).

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