10 Dec 2008

GLITCH monster sk1!

This is a one-of-a-kind patchable glitch box. It is dozens of hours of soldering spagetti by the inventor www.kingcapitalpunishment.com You can find it on his website under one of a kind devices. It was once a Casio sk-1. Features I am NOT demonstrating here: Hendrix-style feedback loops using the microphone send and the drum machine glitch out. Oceanus shows some of that drum thing, so instead i thought I'd simply patch up and go. The click beat your hearing are the 8 mechanical relays that switch on the glitch patch. I am also not using the light source VCA. This machine is simply mad, Mad i tell you! You can do melodic flutes with poly-portemento, vibrato and built-in echo but I didn't do that either. Madness in a box. Lots of fun.

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