31 Dec 2008

RZA's custom WU drum machine!

Now this is one serious piece of kit, the Guitar Center has teamed up with the Wu-Tang Clan's superstar rapper/producer RZA to create eight Forat Custom MV8800s. The limited edition drum machine/production studio features original artwork by electronic pioneer Bruce Forat. They go on sale on February 28th 2008 and will set you back $5999.00. The good news is that each purchaser will also get the opportunity to attend a private tutorial session with the RZA himself. Who's in?.............you want one!?....well look this was originally posted in jan 2008, they went on sale in feb...so if you really DO want one....good luck!!...hahaha, ...but wow wot a serious piece of kit to have in your collection...shweeeeeeeeeeeet!

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