13 Dec 2008

VINTAGE Collection MPCsounds.com!

Ya heard of these cats MPCsounds.com? They're another one in the wave of new-school soundware developers who are focusing on Internet distribution of samples as much as possible, although CDs, MPC floppies and Zip disks are still available. Also, MPCsounds–as the name suggests–concentrates on making samples intended for the Akai MPC series of sampling drum machines (and a bit for the Korg Triton as well) and for the makers of hip-hop music in particular, their latest collection was just released: Vintage Machinez 2. It comes in three parts, available for dowlads at $29.95 each, and each one coming with well more than 600 samples. MPCsounds used a slew of classic drum machines to make the 2,100 total sounds of Vintage Machinez 2, including Boss Dr. Rhythm 55, Boss Dr. Rhythm 110, Casio PT-30, Casio PT-68, EMU SP-12, Fairlight II, Hammond Auto-Vari 64, Hammond Drumbox, Korg KPR-77, Korg Rhythm-55, Pearl SC-40, Univox Micro-Rhythmer 12 and Visco Space Drums, give a listen to the company's product demos to judge for yourself. The percussion parts are from Vintage Machinez 2, with other instruments coming from other MPCsounds libraries, go check em out HERE!

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