19 Dec 2008

CIRCUIT Bent Nintendo NES Synth Drums cart...for sale!

This is a genuine cartridge for use in the old original or new clone NES systems. Create true 8 bit percussion synth from the real Nintendo NES using the controllers.

*Please Note: * In the true spirit of circuit bending I am recycling 20 year old carts, cleaning them and then installing my own chip with my program on it. Some of the cart shells may look old but are guaranteed to be clean and work exactly as described and as seen in the video.

These carts are not for "NES cartridge collectors" who are seeking only an aesthetic value. These carts are for musicians who are into chip music, lo-fi electronic music, circuit bent music, etc.

They are guaranteed to be clean and to work exactly as seen in the demo video or your money back.

*If your cart should ever stop working or becomes faulty I will repair or replace it at no extra cost to you.
*If you find you don't like the cart for any reason after receiving it, just return for full refund.

If you are a musician who is into chip music, circuit bending, Lo-Fi, electronic, etc. then this is for you.

You can use the original NES gamepad controllers, as well as the new 3rd party controllers made for NES, or the Yobo and Generation Nex clones.

Each button on controller #1 produces a different 8 bit percussion sound. It's like having an 8 piece synth drum kit that you play with the NES controller.

Controller #1 produces percussion sounds when each button is pressed, controller #2 creates a pulsing/loop effect which can be applied to any of the percussion sounds produced by controller #1.

Just pop in the cart and plug into an amp using an RCA to 1/4" audio jack adapter, or just plug right into your TV's RCA audio input for sound.

*Please not the cartridge is actually gray. I am using recycled original cartridge cases.

Here is a video which demonstrates the sounds of the Super Synth Drums cartridge using a Yobo clone NES system.

Be in 8Bit heaven & place a bid for this wicked little item HERE!

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