2 Dec 2008

THE 1960's SideMan advert!.....

The Wurli Sideman is generally referred to as the first drum machine, you play it sweet, Side Man Gives the Beat some oscillating tubes, housed in a cabinet sitting next to your piano, guitar or flooglehorn, can turn you into a one-man orchestra, the cabinet, actually a new electronic instrument called Side Man, produces a variety of instrumental sounds from bass drum, torn torn and wood block to maracas, brush and cymbal, the instrument will play in such rhythms as a waltz, cha cha, beguine, tango, march, rumba or 72 variations of a fox trot, any of the rhythms can be varied from a slow 30 to a fast 195 beats per minute. Side Man (named after the members of a band who accompany the soloist) plugs into any a-c outlet, has three speakers and an 11-watt amplifier. Cost of the unit in a mahogany cabinet is $395. Manufacturer is Wurlitzer the Co., De Kalb, Ill.

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