11 Feb 2009

ROLAND TR707 Vintage Circuit Bent...for sale!

Up for auction is my beautiful circuit bent tr 707 drum machine in practically brand new condition. As I'm sure you'll already know if you're reading this, the 707 is a classic and extremely versatile 80s drum machine. This one is a little special as it has been heavily modified by diabolical devices. Pitch oscillator controls have been added for all the sounds except the crash and ride cymbals (the black knobs along the bottom). The pitch sounds range from really high to seriously low and each oscillator can be turned on and off by the switches on the right for hands on realtime control. What's more each switch has its own led for visual feedback so you can instantly tell if its off (blue) or on (red) which is really useful for performing live. There's also a full bending patch bay which can create everything from crazy ring modulation and filtering to distortion and delay/doubling. Using as may different patch cords as you want you can create some amazing sounds! Last but not least the stock red led's have been replaced with rather funky blue ones.
The switches, patch points and pitch control allow for incredible hands on control and sound variations. It can also be used a stock, standard 707. I'm sad to see this go but unfortunately needs must and I hope someone else will enjoy it as much as I have.
Comes with copy of the manual, five patch cords to get you started and a uk power supply. I'll happily ship worldwide. It's not very heavy so it shouldn't be too much, please contact me for a price. Pick up is fine for anyone based in London as well.
For more information, samples and video check out http://www.classaelectronics.com


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