1 Feb 2009

MOOCOWMUSIC Band 1.0 Released!

Been looking forward to Moo's Band app? Drooling in anticipation, perhaps? Well, you can chuck the bib, because Band has officially been released. For that one or two of you who have been
vacationing in a singularity for the past few weeks, Band is an all-in-one music application that combines an assortment of instruments and effects into one package that allows you to compose music using multiple layered instruments.
There are a total of 8 instrument, effects and tools to choose from:
Audience: Crowd noise, for those that want to add a touch of that live sound to their works.
Bassist: A bass guitar with the usual scrollable fret board.
Bar Blues: Essentially a sampler geared towards blues riffs, but includes individual blues guitar notes as well as riffs and loops.
Drum Machine: A drum machine, not unlike MooCowMusic Drummer.
Funky Drummer: A sampler designed for drum loops.
Grand Piano: A two-tiered piano that offers two octaves on one screen — very handy for smooth chords.
Scratch: Not quite what I was expecting; you don't actually spin the wax here; instead, it's a sampler designed for scratch samples.
Metronome: For those who need a little help keeping time, there is an audible metronome you can set at a specific volume and tempo. It even supports different time signatures, so that 6/4 song you have in mind will be no problem.
for more info go HERE!

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