28 Feb 2009

CHORDICA Turns 1.1!

This video shows the highlights of the new Chordica Professional Rack Control Centre as well as new play features. The full list of updates are:

Most important update : Memory management code
- New FastLoader that works even with less memory
- Code optimization for stability
- Ability to exit from Play mode to Control Centre

Significant updates:
- Completely redesigned Control Centre
- Ability to set Time Signature and Tempo
- Built-in Metronome (MET1K) with Visual Cue
- Ability to set metronome output to mono channel (L or R)
- Ability to set metronome volume

Other updates:
- Control Centre gives nominal feedback on interaction through ElSeeDi rack
- Changed built-in help screen graphics
- Hidden easter egg!! Access a feature yet to be released

For more details, go to:


Joash Chee said...

Hi there!

Thanks for blogging about Chordica! Something that should be of interest to you, we're looking at installing a simple drum machine rack to Chordica Pro so watch for it. :)

Joash Chee said...

Did you know that you can play a total of 7920 possible chords with just two fingers on the Chordica? Or that it's really easy to compose a simple background music track for battles in RPG games like Final Fantasy?

Find out more about Chords in the new video tutorial that shows why the Scoreless Music Method differs from other musical frameworks.


Joash Chee said...

Hi there!

Just wanted to give you a heads-up on an update to Chordica, now at version 1.2! Two new features are an improved metronome feature that's almost a drum machine and the ability to select different sounds for Bass and Harmony.

Do check out the update video where I demo "Don't Stop Believing" and "I'm Yours" with NeuMET1K and iNSTRUMENTS.


A free Chordica Lite Edition has also been uploaded to the App Store. I hope it will be a fun and free way for people to give the Chordica method a spin before committing to purchase the full version.