26 Feb 2009

MNM arp drums!

This simple 2 bar pattern contains a BBOX track that I manipulate with a 2 step arpeggiator set as follows: SPD x6, MODE KEY, PLAY TRUE, RNGE 2OCT 0JMP 0 and AMP, FLT and LFO trigs all enabled.

Note that the two arp steps are represented by the first two (red and/or green) trig lights that I manipulate throughout the track. When the first trig is green the original trigs are playing in time with the music. When the second trig is green the "arpeggiated trigs" are being played.

If you only play the second trig (and not the first) you basically get only the arpeggiated trigs which are "off" from the original beat by whatever amount based on your arp settings. This allows you to temporarily create a funky fill or break beat that tosses the downbeat into the air temporarily.

If you pull the first trig back in after 2 beats then the listener can easily get back on track and you can keep the groove going. If you let the second trig play alone longer, however, you make things all the more confusing for the listener as the downbeat gets lost.

I start out demoing with the music, then play the beats without the music so you can hear the offset more easily. The last part of the demo is tighter - the first part has a few little tempo flubs as far as me hitting the trig a little off. It also depends on the sounds you are using and the beats you are essentially "cutting off" as to how smooth it will sound. It takes some practice but this is a cool, simple, effective way to add some life into your drum tracks without programming fills manually, etc.

original post by http://www.youtube.com/user/vcovcfvca

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