12 Feb 2009

DR RHYTHM DR110...for sale!

In very good condition. Works perfectly with batteries, but I haven't got a power adaptor to test if it works with the 9V DC input, so don't know if that's working.

serial # 372300
The Boss Doctor Rhythm DR-110 Graphic is a drum machine, produced by the Boss product division of the Japanese Roland Corporation in 1983.

Boss were better known for producing electric guitar accessories such as effects pedals, and the DR-110 is similarly small and lightweight in size (190×110×30mm, and only 450g), and like most Boss equipment, could be run from a 9V d.c. supply or batteries.

Although not designed as a high-end studio product, it nonetheless featured some noticeable advances in technology compared to previous Roland drum machines: it had an LCD graphic display, showing a step-programming grid for the various drum voices, and allowed the drum sounds to be played manually from rubber pads (as well as programmed).

Like all Roland's previous drum machines, the DR-110's voices used analogue voice circuits. Tempo was continuously variable between 45 and 300 bpm.

The DR-110 used a 4-bit Hitachi HD33790A44 CMOS microprocessor and 1KB of μPD444C RAM memory.

Lots of information here: www.theninhotline.net

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