26 Feb 2009

[iPhone Beats] ir-909!

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Hey hey hey,

Thanks for watching this wee video! I recently got myself an iPhone 3G and I have to say - I'm really impressed. I don't want to sound like one of those Apple cult members but I am truly impressed with the hardware.

It's powerful enough to run Quake (!) and is pretty good for music production so far! Here's a 606/707/808/909 application in action - you program the beats in the familiar TR-style, there is 4 patterns for each kit and all parts can be muted / solo'd just by touching the screen.

My favourite part, though, is that you can alter the pitch / decay / attack / volume by holding a button and tilting the phone. I just can't get enough of making little beats on the bus... ;-)

Anyways, here's a little pattern I made just to show it off. It was kinda hard to play with the camera in front of it so apologies for the slight shitness of it. I have another app which has 2 synths and a drum kit which I will maybe show off soon! Before getting back to making proper tunes. Ahem.

ps. If anyone finds a way to bypass Youtube's new security which stops me uploading high quality, stereo videos then please send me a personal message. It's a tragedy from the point of view of the many producers on youtube...

Thanks again!

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