7 Sept 2010

LINN 9000 Completely serviced by Bruce Forat....for sale!

For Sale here is the legendary Linn9000 drum machine/ sequencer/workstation. This Linn9000 is completely serviced/restored/updated by Bruce Forat at Forat Music Electronics in the US. (http://www.forat.com/drummachines/9000.htm). This machine is an absolute must!! It has a few scratches but mechanically it is in top conditon!!
It sounds amazing! This machine blows every drum machine easily away. But that's not all, it is a very elaborate sequencer and sampler!
The work Bruce Forat has done on this Linn9000 consisted of :
- replacing/adjusting all drum pads
- cleaning the in/outputs
- cleaning/replacing of the faders
- installing a new Nicad backup battery
- enlarge the sequencer capacity to 43,000 notes
- installing a new 240 V. power unit
- installing SMPTE reader and generator card (required for midi sync/clock in)
- Besides the 40 K.ram memory that was already available in this Linn9000, Bruce added a 68K static RAM memory expansion. I also transferred an other 128 K.ram card into the Linn9000 so now the total is 236 K. ram memory in total.
- installing the latest 7.09. software. Some of the many features are as follow:

On screen editing features such as Event and Global edit (note, velocity, duration, tuning, hi hat decay and erase), two types of punch (manual or programmable), recording all controllers such as MIDI volume etc., event chase, MIDI drum note assignment, copy individual tracks or drums, merge and replace, Time shift of notes and drum events, re-timing correction of individual drums or tracks after recording, 156 steps of drum tuning recordable during the sequence, MIDI System Exclusive recording for keyboard sounds, sample editing (truncate, reverse and fade), drum solo and mute, better and faster erase and many more.

Besides all these incredible features, the Linn9000 has an installed sampleboard (A/D converter) to load and record samples into the Linn9000. In this way you can load the recorded samples you want to use for your music project. Also 2 extra trigger input cards are installed!! So there are 12 trigger inputs you can use

The Linn9000 also comes with the latest 7.09 software manual to guide you through all the amazing features!


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