7 Sept 2010

ROLAND MC 505 Groovebox...for sale!

Roland MC 505 nurtured like a baby till it was 'tidied away' under the bed sustaining an injury to the volume knob :-(((
Good screen and rest of it working well
Needs repair - - loose volume know and I have had a look inside and it seems some solder has come off - problem is it's in a diffiult to reach place being between 2 of the circuit booards - so awkward - well beyond my skills so have to move it on - it still has mono output though this has been a bit temperamental today. I'm guessing it is an easy repair for someone who knows electronics or an electrician
If I had bought it in this condition I would have been happy to work around the limitations as I do with some of my other gear but having to go down a step in functionality doesn't work for me


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