22 Sept 2010

ACE TONE Rhythm Ace...for sale!

Seller Info:
Ace Tone FR-1 Rhythm Ace Drum Machine
All in working order
Very warm and lush analogue drum sounds
Rhythms can be edited and altered
Rhythms can be layered simultaneously
A real piece of drum machine history!
Hard to find these for sale in the U.K
I need space so I am selling it now

Dimensions :
Hight 22cm
Length 54cm
Depth 19cm

It is quite large, and quite an antique so I am reluctant to post this item so
contact me if you cant collect in person .
P.S the leather handle is now showing signs of wear and will need replacing.
It has worn through to the metal reinforcing strap .
Here is some info sourced from the web :
The Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-1 has a secured place in drum machine history
as the first transistorised machine to appear on the market in 1967.
The Rhythm Ace was the brainchild of Ikutaro Kakehashi,
(founder of Ace Tone and later, Roland in 1972).
With this in mind, it is fairly safe to draw the conclusion that the FR-1
was effectively the first of the Roland TR (Transistorised Rhythm)
series of drum machines.

The FR-1 effectively revolutionised the industry because prior to this,
what few drum machines there were, ran on valves and before that,
via a mechanical disc system.
Transistors must have been the "new thing" back then because
the components are even listed in the specifications...
Transistors x 38 and diodes x 107!!!


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