7 Sept 2010

ACETONE BENTLEY RHYTHM ACE Vintage 70s...for sale!

Acetone BENTLEY RHYTHM ACE Vintage 70s Drum Machine.

Here is a fantastic vintage drum machine from Acetone - who later became Roland, this is the Bentley Rhythm Ace (yes the band was named after these!) and dates I believe from the 70s. Its a classy looking machine in a real wooden cabinet with a wooden music stand which locks in the upright position, or can fold flat.

It has buttons to select rhythms such as Rock n' Roll, Swing, Ballad, Waltz, March, etc., and a large selection of Latin rhythms, etc. The sounds are cheesy but very useable. There are sliders to control volume and tempo, and you can balance the volume of separate instruments such as bass drum, cymbals, snare, guiro & claves, or remove the instrument from the mix completely. Think Jean Michel Jarre Oxygene to get an idea of what this can do, also more modern retro music like Air. Fully analogue it has a lovely warm vintage sound.

I've cleaned and polished the cabinet, and cleaned the jack sockets and slider controls. Everything seems to be working perfectly. You can silence the output (while keeping the pattern running), or start and stop the rhythm instantly with a neat 'touch' plate on the front. There is also a start/stop socket on the back for a footswitch, but I haven't tested this.
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