7 Aug 2010

ROLAND TR909...vintage!....for sale!

Welcome to the auction for a Roland TR-909 drum machine looking for a new home. I need to downsize, so this is a reluctant sale.

This machine has been in use in my home studio for about 5 years so I can confirm that everything works. As you would expect for a machine of it's age it has a few marks and scuffs here and there. These are mainly on the plastic end panels, but it's pretty clean overall.
A few of the volume pots are a bit worn at certain positions through use, e.g. on the hi-hats. But this easily worked around by setting the volume slightly above or below that point. Unless you want to live mix by turning those knobs, it's not an issue. The machine is built like a tank!
You can use it either as a sound module (trigger each sound from a midi keyboard) or use the onboard sequencer to make patterns and tracks. You can also midi sync it to a midi sequencer, like cubase, using the DIN socket. The internal sequencer clock is absolutely rock solid. It comes with a power lead and midi leads. You can download the manual from here: http://media.rolandus.com/manuals/TR-909_OM


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