18 Aug 2010

KORG KR55 vintage 1979 Complete...for sale!

Vintage Korg KR-55 Drum Machine 1979
Much sought after, rare & highly collectable original model
Well used but well loved. Fully working despite some wear.
Any other KR55's command huge prices on eBay, no reserve on this item
This one is complete with the bag and foot-switch, something I've not seen
on any other auction. It's also in the UK, so no massive shipping costs.
The bag has a zip at the back so when arriving at a gig or studio, you lay the machine flat,
flip back the front section, fit your connections through the zip slot and you're ready to go.
Pretty neat.
This piece of kit was central to the set-ups of Jean-Michel Jarre & Depeche Mode.
They still cause quite a lot of excitement on blogs and enthusiast's sites mainly because
of it's great sounds and easy means of changing settings.
This machine is not only collectable but a very realistic and relevant tool for use today.


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