31 Aug 2010

KORG DS10 drum patches!

A short video about the drum patches within the very fine Korg DS10 on the even finer Nintendo ds machine!....here's some info from the original youtube post'dude! http://www.youtube.com/user/ChrisLody I've been sat with ds-10 for a few nights now learning a few things about drum synthesis. I knew a little theory, but mostly I have just let my ear guide me. After a million indescicive tweaks I came up with a drum kit I think is good enough to share with the world. There is 5 drums in total. A kick, snare, closed hi-hat and open hi-hat in the drum section, then also a distorted tom loaded into pattern 6's syn2.

I recorded the sound separately so I could show you the parameters while you listen to a few loops I made with them. I couldn't resist putting a bit of a bass line over it too, just for fun : )

p.s. I'll add some annotations when the damn thing'll let me! I'm guessing it'll work with ds-10 plus also but I've no way to test it.

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