19 Aug 2010

EKO ComputeRhythm from 1972!

This is a pretty rare drum machine manufactured by EKO in 1972 in Recanati, Italy. Model ComputeRhythm, maybe one of 15-20 ever made (curiously SN #0113).
This particular one is owned by a musician living in Spain, and It was repaired and slightly modified by me on the past months (www.synthoma.net).
Before giving back to its owner I have the chance to made these demonstration videos to show its features and incredible programing methods.
Due to the price it was mainly used by famous electronic musicians like Jean-Michel Jarre and Manuel Göttsching (founder member of Ashra Tempel). J-M Jarre has used it extensively on his first albums: "Oxygene" and "Equinoxe".
It can be seen on his Equinoxe 5 videoclip from 1978 (at 0:36):

Please, enjoy this first demo, and sorry about the poor quality video. It was made by a webcam. However, the audio was taken directly from the mixer.
If there are any interest in to get samples of this machine (free, of course :) please, contact me at synthoma@synthoma.net or via YouTube message.

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