23 Jun 2011

FL STUDIO mobile!

If you're anything like me...you'll have used Fruity Loops & FL Studio!
Fruity Loops 2/3 to be exact has been a fave of mine for many years! having paid £99 for it many years ago!...and altho I'm not these days a regular user I still love going back to my old fave prog Fruity Loops from time to time and make some tracks, I have FREE lifetime updates and probably have every update from the last 10 years or so the later FL Studio never quite had that simple interface usability that I initially loved about the program...I bought it initially just because I wanted a simple PC based drum machine but got a lot lot more...anyway enuff of my LIFESTORY with Fruity Loops my point of this post IS they have now released a mouthwatering iPad/iPhone & iPod Touch version FL Studio mobile and I've got to be honest it looks amazing, with this and all the other great music stuff on the iPad...Korg are doing some amazing stuff! I think its now time to get out there and purchase that iPad!...altho why they have created this purely for Apple devices is a complete mystery considering Fruity Loops etc was always a PC program.....weird...but AWESOME!...!


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