10 Jul 2010

VINTAGE ANALOG Companion 4 in the floor THEREMIN percussion combo!

Dual-Action 60's Analog Drum Madness! Originlly put out by Companion a Japanese company this one's been modded to be a super rare, way-out & wild, analog drum machine with a photocell theremin bent in for good measure. It's played manually by hand or foot and it has some fat analog sounds that you'll hear on the demo below. The details are beautiful with chrome & rubber pedals, rainbow control panel and simulated wood veneer covering. Decay times for each drum are easily tweaked inside via the potentiometers, but are set nicely for optimal freak-out levels. There's also individual volume controls for each sound, a speed adjustment for the snare rolls & theremin, a switch to go from snare to theremin and a 1/4" output. Please note - this is the last one available to the public ever, the other 2 are owned by members of Depeche Mode and The Beastie Boys.

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