19 Jul 2010

ANALOGUE Schlagzwerg semi-modular...for sale!

I offer here for sale an MFB Schlagzwerg semi-modular analogue drum machine and sequencer. Its unusual quality is the semi-modular features which allow a different range of creative possibilities to the standard analogue drum machine... the sequencer controls not just the rhythm loop but also can control the timbral characteristics of the different drum modules.

For the spec in English and German, I refer you to the manufacturer’s website:

I was hoping to keep hold of this because it really seems to offer something very unusual. It’s also a rather rare beast - I had to purchase mine directly from MFB in Berlin. However, I’ve reluctantly concluded that if I don’t pay my electricity bill etc. soon then not even my computer will work!!! Plus, my musical direction doesn’t have much use for drums at all. I have no other drum machines and am not planning on buying any. Which means I’m no expert at saying if this drum machine sounds better or worse than any other; I simply don’t know what ‘better’ means in this context and many people are very, very fussy when it comes to drum sounds.

Electric bills notwithstanding, it’s a hardly-tried-yet piece of kit with all original packaging and components so I’m looking for a decent price relative to its original purchase price (€680 = £570). It’s a very reluctant sale, having earlier sold all my other hardware with the exception of a Mono Evolver, which is more immediately on-target with my own directions.

The lowest - new - price I’ve found today is £527 so I’ll accept £450 - incl. p&p - for mine. This is a very rare chance to purchase one of these at a second-hand price.

The PSU is for continental sockets although of course I’ll throw in a UK mains adaptor plug.

It has a MIDI in socket, thus allowing the sequences to be started, stopped and synchronised with other MIDI devices and - of course - a computer DAW.


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