10 Jul 2010

SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS TOM 8bit vintage 1985!


This is one of my favourite vintage drumboxes.

The Sequential (Circuits) TOM is a great American drum machine - similar to the SCI Drumtraks. Also it could be the little brother of the Studio 440. It has a decent MIDI implementation and understands MIDI SysEx. The TOM's memory contains 8 samples; inserting a sound cartridge, you can have 7 additional samples. A shame, that it does not have individual outputs.

The crispy 8-bit samples sound great. The built in sequencer has a "tight" groove, it grooves like hell!
I don't mean the "shuffle" function (there is none). It has a very own timing, which makes you move... (like you can hear in the video).

In this video you will hear the following cartridges: "basic percussion", "special effects", "latin percussion" and "contemporary".

If someone wants to get rid of TOM cartridges, which I don't have, drop me a message ;-)

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