29 Mar 2010

CASIO RZ1 classic...for sale!

Another 80's classic on ebay! never a huge fan of this machine...but (sadly) always liked the look of it!!...kinda looks great nestled amongst other little masterpieces!...here's the sellers blurb!

item is an casio rz1 classic drum machine a must too all you 8os fans Nice flexible drum box with a built in mixer as no the TR909. Separate outs allow flexibility for that all important mix. The really nice feature is the ability to sample new sounds in and integrate them into patterns. There are four banks available, and you can link up to four banks to get longer samples. Alright, the sampling is only 12 bit, but the bandwidth is excellent, so it will reproduce everything from meaty kicks, to sizzling cymbals, or even vocal/guitar/bass loops. A nice bit of kit at a great price, since Casio have always been Yamaha and Rolands leperous cousins! Also, its big and chunky, looks cool, and has nicely sized buttons for frenzied thwaking! The backlit LCD is nice for those badly lit studio / live sessions. And you can add sounds from any other drum amchine, so it'll never go out of date! The lack of fantastic sampling quality actually helps new sounds to sound beefier than before. GET ONE NOW!!!


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