29 Mar 2010

ROLAND R5 Human Rhythm Composer...for sale!

In my humble opinion!...this and the R8 were the best all round modern drum machines ever designed...they had great sounds, really simple & easy to use, large pads, great feel to the pads!...I have owned both at one time or another and the r8 & the r5 were both brilliant!...they weren't my fave....fave...ever machine...that goes to somethin else! but all round being totally honest they probably were the best usuable/designed machines ever! wow now thats a sweeping statement!

Here's some sellers sales info:
Roland R-5 Human Rhythm Composer
Comes with original power supply, manuals & box.
Very much respected retro Roland drum machine.
The 16 drum pads all work 100% & are touch sensitive.

All buttons, sliders and switches work well with the exception of a couple of the function buttons needing a firm press. This isn't a problem when used in a midi set up but can be annoying when using stand alone. Should be easily repaired.
The writing on the top is fading in a few places but is still readable.

This drum machine pretty much does it all. It is a professional level drum machine. It's very easy to use, won’t take long to start making beats, but if you care to delve deeper into the parameters there is so much more that can be done.
As a stand alone drum machine it also features a sequencer for making song patterns from the individual patterns you create.
It has midi in, out & thru & can be used as a sound source with beats & other control data been sent via midi from a computer sequencer.
Along with the stereo outs there are an additional 4 separate outs (all ¼” jacks) any drum sound can be assigned to any out, making this unit very versatile in a recording studio.

The R-5 features 5 Pad Banks for a total of 80 sounds accessible (out of 94 max).
It has MIDI (In, Out, Thru), Tape In/Out, Footswitch jack, Phones jack, and six 1/4" outs (one stereo pair and 4 individual).
It contains 68 different instruments sampled at 44.1 kHz with a 16 bit dynamic range.
The pads are touch sensitive. 100 different programmable patterns can be stored and 6songs in addition to the 32 preset patterns.



Headhunter said...


Out of interest, what is your fav drum machine??

cool website also, i keep checking back to see if there is any 808's on here..one day.

machineboy said...

hey thanks for the comment & positive vibes bud!...my fave machine was the boss dr55!...tiny machine, totally usuable simple sounds....jeez I loved that machine lol...yeh we have had some 808's on here....but obviously as you would know they go for stoopid money nowadays and on a personal level I prefer the small cheap machines or the really old stuff with a bit of wood grain on em, ya can't beat a bit of wood grain!!

marc23 said...

I'm willing 2 buy the R-5 @ $125.00 if u are willing 2 pay for shipping.

Unknown said...

I wounld like and buy the R-5 give me a price.