27 Mar 2010


Univox SR-95 Keio Minipops Mini-Pops MP-7 drum machine

That's a confusing title so let me explain. There were two brand names for this machine:
Keio Mini Pops MP-7
Univox SR-95
Keio later became Korg and the Univox brand was for the US market I believe. Is there a difference? Yes. The Univox SR-95 lacks one sound, the Rimshot. The cowbel sound is used instead. This affects the Bossanova and Slow Rock rhythms. Also, the Beguine pattern is different between them. Both machines use identical circuit boards however and it is possible to upgrade the Univox SR-95 to a Keio Mini pops MP7with the right know-how and the right parts. The one for auction is a Univox SR-95 with this upgrade.

Why upgrade it? Well, fans of Jean-Michel Jarre might know he used the Minipops MP-7 drum machine on his early albums. On Oxygene 2 and 4 for example he used a combination of Beguine and Slow Rock. Can you spot the problem there?

Please listen to this short demo (low quality MP3) of the actual machine I'm auctioning showing the affected rhythm patterns, and how they now sound identical to a Mini Pops MP-7. You will hear:

Classic Jarre combination: Beguine + Slow Rock (with quidaja and tambourine)
Classic Jarre combination: Rumba + Bossanova (with quidaja, Guiro and tambourine)
Beguine (now same as Keio Mini Pops MP-7)
Slow Rock (with Rimshot instead of Cowbell — same as Keio Mini Pops MP-7)
Bossanova (with Rimshot instead of Cowbell — same as Keio Mini Pops MP-7)

Here's a couple of pictures I took pre and post upgrade of the Rimshot sound. I also renewed the electrolytic capacitors on both boards as they can dry out over time which affects their value, but this wasn't really necessary in this case:

The unit is in good shape with some marks and wear and tear, but good for it's age. At some stage the rear compartment door has been lost. The sound is clean and clear, the sliders work perfectly without crackle. I don't think you'll be disappointed.


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