22 Apr 2009

E-MU Drumulator Demo!

The E-Mu Drumulator entered the stage in 1983 and was one of the first inexpensive drum machines to utilize real drum samples, competing with big boys such as Linn and Oberheim. The Drumulator retailed for $999 back then and could be coupled with an electronic drum pad and/or software for the Apple ][ that allowed for more detailed on-screen programming.

The initial models had no MIDI, but could be synced via click signals. I use a MIDI to Drumulator syncbox from Dinsync.com in my setup with an MPC 500, however the Drumulator is being synced independently in this clip.

The Drumulator uses the same analog filters as the famed SP-12, SP-1200, and Emulator, giving it a rich and full sound, despite the simple (presumably) 8-bit drum samples.

Like many of my drum machines, I primarily use this to jam over while scratching. It's a fun machine that marks the beginnings of what would later become a Hip-Hop classic: the SP-12/1200.

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