28 Apr 2009

BOSS DR55 Dr Rhythm Perfect Rare...for sale!

This is where it all started - this is the drum machine that kicked it all off 20+ years ago (ok maybe that isn't true but this is a vintage "Old Skool"classic in full original working order). I bought this machine nearly new in 1985. I still have the original box, the manual and a sample rhythm guide. The only damage that has been sustained in this time is that the previous owner wrote "simple & sparse" on the guide. The box has aged through storage but as you can see from the pictures - it is in excellent order.
Having purchased this machine I went to university but it remained at home eventually moving from bedroom to parents loft to my own loft. I have checked it and cleaned it periodically - always removing the batteries. I tested it last week and it works perfectly but does sound very dated - which is part of the charm.
The latest Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys albums feature instruments and styles that they utilised in their early years and machines such as this are both sought after and back in fashion. I suspect I should hold onto this but space is now at a premium and I hate the idea that it will eventually get turned out wioth everything else in the loft - I want it to go to someone who will use it as I periodically intended to over the last 2 decades.
This is a real bargain and incredibly simple to use - but if you are looking at it you probably know that.


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