27 Apr 2009

ROLAND MC303 Groovebox Classic Drum Synth...for sale!

This Roland MC303 Groovebox is in first class condition - only ever having light home use (I've never gigged it). It's a great synth - recreating loads of vintage drum machine sounds - from the TB-303 through the TR-808 and TR-909, as well as classic Bass / synth sounds. See http://www.geocities.com/wjdegraaf_geo/mc303/tonelist.html for a full list.

It's got midi ports to hook it up to a Mac / PC, or direct to a midi keyboard, and used as sound module. It can also be used as a standalone sequencer to produce whole tracks on the box alone.

Everything on it works - if you know your synths you'll know what this amazing little powerhouse is capable of. I don't have the original box or manual anymore, just the unit and original power supply, but you can get the whole manual online at Planet 303. It is completely unmarked and I will box it up nicely for shipping.

Sound generator with 24 note - voice polyphony
Powerful synth with real-time Cutoff / Resonance controls, Reverb/delay and chorus/flanger effects
8-track sequencer (7 pitched instruments and 1 drum kit)
448 preset sounds and 12 drum kits
300 onboard dance music variation patterns such as drumbeats and basslines
Instant storage of up to 50 user patterns
Storage space for up to approximately 14,000 notes
MIDI in and out


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