10 Jan 2013

RARE Vintage Dr Bohm Digital Drums...for sale!

Here's some info about this machine from the seller!

As I will leave my country very soon, I have to sell some of my equipments.

Here it is a Digital Drum Machine made by Dr. Bohm. It was in perfect working order until I asked a friend of my to clean it from dust in order to post it on ebay. I do not know what happened, but now I have no sound in the outputs. Everything else seems to work perfect excepting the output sound.

Other issues: there is one button missing (from pattern section) and other 3 buttons (from the same section) that respond only when pressed hard.

Otherwise, it seems to be in working order. The digital display shows the parameters of every button or pad.

Taking into account that there is no sound (may be a minor problem), I am selling it hoping that someone will be able to repair it and to use it to create beautiful music.

For more information, please access this link: 

For some demo, please visit this link:



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